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US-Mexico photo of submerged Cuban showing the plight of immigrants

The body illuminated by the torch is the body of an adult man. He is high on the beach. He is wearing sportswear and the shirt covers his face. A Tijuana police patrol officer sees him for a few minutes in the dark of night. This is a freelance photo taken by a local photographer Reuters. A symbolic photo: Underneath the wall separating Mexico from the United States and the tragedy that has befallen it in recent weeks.

We are on the Pacific side. So the last outpost before the big tab was Tijuana. Behind this seven-meter-high barrier are the beaches of California and San Diego in the background. It was only a few hours later that the body was found to belong Jose Ramon n., 43, Cuban. Another immigrant with severe hypothermia confirmed his identity.

Both tried to swim. They saw that barrier a hundred meters into the sea, and they said to themselves: Come, let us do it. The sea, if you challenge it, betrays you. You look at the ground, you sink, you firmly believe that the stud stroke is enough. If you were born and live on an island and play like Cuba, you can jump and swim.

First photographs of the US-Mexico border, the Biden Period Migration Center

Frustration and big mistake. “People think the barrier is short and they believe it doesn’t take long to overcome it,” he recalled. Impartial Secretary of Defense and Civil Defense of Tijuana, Cruz Camerena of Puntarenas. “There are extraordinary currents and eddies along the wall that make it difficult for even a good swimmer to pass through. Eventually they surround you and drown you.”

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Jose Ramon drowned last Tuesday. This is not the first. This happens often, but the news does not always appear in the media. Last week on Friday, border police collected the body of a woman from Honduras, a mother of two who was orphaned, at sea. He left the two children under the wall and she too tried to cross by swimming.

Click on Stringer Reuters Re-proposes the play, which in June 2019 was discovered with horror and pain around the world. Also in the photo is a dead Salvador father embracing his little girl as he tries to cross the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo, a river that separates Mexico from Texas. . Two tragedies on opposite sides: The scene at the time took place in the Gulf of Mexico.

Many are trying. Especially now, it is inspired by the new curriculum offered by the White House on the issue of immigration. Visit Joe Biden This has sparked new hope and thousands are resuming their exit from Central America to the southern border of the United States. In February alone, 100,400 immigrants were detained by U.S. border police. The majority are minors. Let the children, teenagers, and parents go and believe that they have the best chance of going the other way. They come alone and are placed in reception centers waiting for checks, which are often postponed.

Yusa hands over Biden Kamala Harris to the emergency administration who settled on the border

But this uninterrupted flow flooded the structures. Other photos taken in recent days have raised eyebrows among parliamentarians and human rights groups. They show thousands of babies huddled together, wrapped in hot plastic sheets, placed in makeshift beds. President Joe Biden is well aware that this is a thorn in the side of his administration. “The situation is completely unacceptable,” he said at his first press conference two days ago. “That’s why we’re moving these thousand kids so fast.” He is honest. “I can’t say it will be fully resolved, but I can guarantee that it will be improved,” he said.

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Most of the immigrants are deported to Mexico. Chapter 42, passed by Trump, is in effect. Children, including accompanying parents, are excluded. Biden refuses to separate them as his predecessor did. But it is an emergency. Covid makes it explode. It needs to be addressed. An official delegation flew to Mexico City. Already $ 4 billion has been set aside. We should invest them in that space, but also avoid them disappearing into the illusion of bribery and corruption.