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US military vehicles allegedly used in the Belgorod attack.. The Kremlin comments

(CNN) – The Russian presidency (the Kremlin) said it is “no secret” that the Ukrainian armed forces are using increasing amounts of Western military equipment, commenting on reports of the use of US-made military vehicles in an attack, Monday, across the border by Russian citizens. Anti-Putin.

“It is no secret for us that the direct and indirect interference of these Western countries in this conflict is increasing every day,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

“It is no secret for us that more and more equipment is entering service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are affiliated with the Kiev regime. It is no secret that this technology is being used against our army,” he added.

Peskov’s comments come after reports circulating on social media that a number of vehicles used by Russian groups opposing President Vladimir Putin in their cross-border raids in the Belgorod region were American-made.

CNN identified at least three different US-made MaxxPro MRAP vehicles in videos allegedly used in the incursion, by geolocating them and analyzing the markings on the vehicles, as well as comparing them to official photos of the vehicles.

CNN cannot verify the exact date of the videos, but has confirmed that they were posted after the attack.

“We’ve seen those reports, and it’s obviously something that we continue to monitor very closely,” Gen. Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, said Tuesday.

Ryder added, “I will say that we can confirm that the United States government has not approved any third party transfers of equipment to paramilitary organizations outside of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nor has the Ukrainian government requested any such transfers. Again, it’s something we’ll be watching for.” closely.”

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Kiev has repeatedly denied that the Russian fighters who crossed the border on Monday were being supervised by Ukraine.