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US-North Korea: Biden says no to meeting with Kim Jong-un

The hypothesis of a meeting between US President Joe Biden and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is not part of the diplomatic options being explored by the White House. This was stated by the spokesperson of the US Presidential Administration Jen Zaki on March 29. A spokesman for President Biden said Kim’s meeting was “not his intention” and commented on the situation on the Korean Peninsula following North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken yesterday condemned the “ballistic missiles”, reiterating that the United States and its key Asian allies, Japan and South Korea, are united against the provocations and for the advancement of nuclear disarmament in Korea. Peninsula “.

North Korea today accused the United Nations Security Council (UN Security Council) of violating Pyongyang’s sovereignty and using “double standards” for the latter in the evaluation of ballistic missile tests. Director General of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s Internal Affairs Ministry Joe Souls has issued an important note against the Security Council, which is considering a closed-door meeting scheduled for tomorrow, March 30, for a test of two ballistic missiles from the north last week. “I strongly condemn the initiatives of the Security Council, which are in flagrant violation of the Constitution of an independent state and blatantly violate the Charter of the United Nations,” the statement said. “We will never take the initiative of some members of the Security Council (…) who seek to trample on the sovereignty of independent nations and restrict their development,” Joe continued. “Any attempt to deny our right to self-defense will provoke sufficient repercussions.”

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North Korea launches two ballistic missiles into Japan Sea: Seoul and Tokyo meet emergency councils

The United States is ready to “respond accordingly” to any attempt by North Korea to raise tensions on the Korean Peninsula. US President Joe Biden made the announcement at his first press conference at the White House on March 25. “We are in consultation with our allies and allies. If (North Korea) tries to expand, there will be answers,” Biden warned. On March 25, the president declared that the ballistic test carried out by the North violated the resolutions of the UN Security Council. However, Biden said the North was ready for “some kind of diplomacy” but would impose a “final end to nuclear mechanization”.

On March 26, North Korea confirmed that it was testing a new tactical guided missile. While Pyongyang’s official confirmation was in Washington, US President Joe Biden announced during his first press conference that the United States was ready to respond proportionally to any provocation from the North. North Korea’s official news agency “Korean Central News Agency” (“KCNA”) has released a photo of the new missile; During a press conference yesterday, Japanese Defense Minister Nobu Kishi confirmed that the launches from the north were “a new type of ballistic missile that has not been tested before.” According to “Kcna”, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un did not witness the ballistic test. “The development of this armed group is of great importance in strengthening the country’s military power and preventing all kinds of threats on the Korean Peninsula,” the news agency said.

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North Korea, after hand wrestling missiles with the United States. Pyongyang: “Rooted hostility”. UN Monetary Security Council meeting

This is North Korea’s first ballistic test in a year, and the first since President Joe Biden took office at the White House. Japanese Defense Minister Nobu Kishi said the two missiles were launched from Chondok on North Korea’s east coast at around 7am yesterday and sank outside the regional water and exclusive economic zone. Twenty minutes after Japan, there will be no damage or danger to boats or aircraft. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suka immediately condemned the ballistic test, saying it violates UN Security Council resolutions that “threaten peace and security in Japan and the surrounding region.” The launch of the missiles was condemned by the US Indo-Pacific Command, which underlined “the threat posed by North Korea’s illegal weapons programs to its neighbors and the international community.”