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وكالة ستيب الإخبارية

US prevents Miss Britain from entering its territory due to Syria, and the latter reveals details (video)

She said Miss Britain, Lynn Clive, The US government discriminates against him, mainly because he is of Syrian descent, even though he is a British citizen.

Miss Britain suffers from discrimination

In the details, Clive revealed in an interview with the “BBC” channel through his account on his social networking site Instagram, in which he confirmed that the US government had prevented him from entering his lands despite obtaining a visa. The excuse that she is of Syrian descent.

“I applied with a British passport. I represent Great Britain. I’m a British citizen, so I do not know if I will be deported from the United States,” Clive said.

“Her husband and daughter got visas,” she added, adding that “her visa was denied and the only difference was where she was born.”

Clive explained that he was born in Damascus but immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2013. He pointed out that he had learned to speak English there and was currently training as a physician at the NHA, performing before the 35th annual MRS World Championships. Campaign for the rights of women and refugees.

“I hope my visa status to join my sisters queens in Las Vegas will be resolved in a timely manner,” Clive commented after posting the interview video on Instagram.

She continued, “I am proud to be a World Woman in the United Kingdom and I wish I could raise the United Kingdom flag in the international arena.”

It is noteworthy that the immigration rules on the US government website at the time state that citizens of countries that use “state terrorism” must be interviewed by a U.S. embassy official.

According to US documents, Syria is on the list of countries that “repeatedly support international acts of terrorism.”

US prevents Miss Britain from entering its territory due to Syria, and the latter reveals details (video)

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