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US Senate backs Finland and Sweden joining NATO

US Senate backs Finland and Sweden joining NATO

While voting was still going on in the 100-member council, the number of votes in favor was 83 to one against, easily exceeding the two-thirds majority of 67 votes required to support ratification of the two countries’ accession documents.

and advanced Sweden Finland applied for NATO membership in response to Russia’s military attack on Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly warned the two countries against joining it.

Members signed NATO The accession protocol for them last month, allowing them to enter the US-led nuclear-armed coalition once member states ratify the resolution.

The accession must be ratified by parliaments of all NATO member states before Finland and Sweden are protected under the Defense Clause, which states that an attack on one country in the alliance is an attack on all members.

Biden endorsement

US President Joe Biden said after the resolution: “Today the Senate overwhelmingly supported Finland and Sweden joining NATO. This historic vote sends an important signal of the United States’ continued, nonpartisan commitment to NATO, and to ensuring that our alliance is prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

“I thank the senators for their leadership and for the rapid progress in the ratification process, the fastest process in the Senate for the NATO Protocol since 1981. The accession of Finland and Sweden will enhance NATO’s collective security and deepen the transatlantic partnership,” he added.

“I look forward to signing the protocols of accession and welcoming Sweden and Finland, two strong democracies with highly capable armies, into the largest defense alliance in history,” he concluded.

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