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US sources reveal a dispute with Israel over the "Iran nuclear"

US sources reveal a dispute with Israel over the “Iran nuclear”

The American official said that the differences centered on Washington’s refusal The scenarios that were proposed during the meetings, and focused on the need for “Washington to develop a serious military plan” to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities As soon as possible.

He added that the Israeli delegation accused the US negotiating team in Vienna negotiations, to make concessions to the Iranian side without getting anything in return.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also made it clear that the Israeli delegation was unable to extract a pledge from the National Security Council team headed by Jake Sullivan That the agreement being negotiated with Iran in Vienna would include its ballistic missile program.

He said that the lack of harmony in the American and Israeli positions does not mean Washington’s lack of commitment to Israel’s security, but President Joe Biden sent a harsh message to Israel through his administration (Defense Minister Austin and CIA Director William Burns) about the danger of Tel Aviv taking any military action against Tehran in monocular form.

Last week, Gantz and Barnea held talks with officials in the US Department of Defense, “Pentagon”, “CIA” and the US State Department regarding the Iranian nuclear file, whose negotiations are currently underway to revive the agreement in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Reuters quoted a US military official as saying that the discussions would focus on discussing possible military exercises to destroy nuclear facilities inside Iran, if diplomacy with Tehran fails.

But the Pentagon spokeswoman, Jessica McNulty, denied this to Sky News Arabia and said that the United States routinely conducts military exercises with Israel to confront threats in the region.

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