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US supports Michael Obama Megan Markle: “Allegations of racism do not surprise me”

New York – Michael Obama For redemption Megan Markle. “Her allegations of racism did not completely surprise me,” the former First Lady said Today, Morning emergency plan Nbc During his sensational interview with the Duchess of Sussex about the royal family and the allegations against the British press Oprah Winfrey. Mentioning: “The issue of race is not a new concept to people of color in this world, so it should come as no surprise to hear some expressions of emotion.”

However, he gave a lesson in style to Prince Harry’s wife: “Being in a public position is not about putting ourselves at the center, but the people we serve,” he recalled. Interview Jenna Bush hacker, The anchor daughter of a former president George BushPraying for the woman, Michael added: “My heart is broken. Now I believe, I think family. I hope they can use this moment for forgiveness and mutual reconciliation.”

Harry talks to his father Carlo and brother William, but does not dissolve

There were actually contacts, but not the harmony that Michael had hoped for. Prince Harry first negotiated with his father Charles and elder brother William – first and second next to the British throne. Said it Gayle King, The American anchor female friend of the “rebellious” couple, however these relationships have now become “useless”: leaving each company in its own beliefs and passions.

The accusation of racism shook the entire kingdom

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By our correspondent Antonello Guerrero

“I wasn’t trying to do any scoop,” he said on the show This morning Of CBS – But I actually called them (Sussex) and to see how they felt, I can tell you that it was true that Harry talked to his brother and his father … I pointed out that these conversations were not fruitful, but they are still glad we started a conversation. But I think they are even more disappointed that the Palace wants to handle their complaints ‘privately’, while false stories continue to emerge to discredit Meghan. “

Future in politics for Megan Markle?

In the United States, Megan’s interview was highly acclaimed and certainly did not receive European criticism: in fact, no one dared to challenge those who spoke publicly about discrimination and mental illness in this part of the world. Very little if he does it with Oprah, the television station that is considered a guarantee of honesty.

But of course revelations that even Markle is thinking of entering politics targeting the White House will not help this part of the world. He has already discussed the hypothesis with Democrats. The news, in fact, begins with anonymous messages first sent by some English newspapers, especially by a close associate of the former prime minister through the Daily Mail. Tony Blair, Accordingly the Duchess forges ties with American democratic donors to seek funding.

Built by the chain of monarchy rumors and the queen

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Presented by Francesco Merlo

Of course, Megan’s spokesman did not deny it. And his autobiography, Omid Scoby, The idea of ​​a future in politics confirms that she has always been fascinated. But she says her bad relationship with her own American cousins ​​(whose father and half-sister have already said they do not trust her, and that she suffers from narcissistic personality disorders) says she will rarely find anyone who wants to support her. No, not even Michael.