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USA: White supremacists are now buying churches


08.03.2021 – 00:07

In Lyndon, North Carolina, the Methodist Church has fallen into the hands of an organization whose core principles include the preservation of ‘European ethnic folklore’.

This is dangerous in the United States, where groups of white managers buy old churches for sale as meeting places for their supporters. This was revealed by the Washington Post, on the day Joe Biden celebrated the 56th anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama, by signing a decree facilitating voting rights and denouncing white supremacists who had long been active against African Americans, “hiding behind” sun hats in parliaments and state courts.

The dilapidated Parkers Grove United Methodist Church, which fell into the hands of an ambiguous hegemonic organization described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is where hegemon lurks in religious temples, as happened in the small rural North Carolina village of Lyndon. It was “the largest group in the scene of the ‘neo-Volkish’ movement, a populist movement that affected the growth of Nazism. This is shocking, “said Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, of North Carolina Methodist Church.” We have no control over it. It’s a warning that hate groups are closer than we think, “he added. The church was bought by Swan Herul, a Virginia citizen, who handed it over to Assad two months later. The group’s spirituality is based on Nordic myths and deities. There is a confusing component of concern where African Americans make up a quarter of the population: one of the key principles is to protect the “folk” European race. ” “We are a racial belief, which is unique to our people and our culture,” he explained.

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The group now has 670 members, expanding from its base last spring to Lyndon in Brunsville, California and Murdoch in Minnesota. Here Asatru bought the abandoned Lutheran church, which would be used for monthly meetings and prayers. The local administration did not like it and launched a protest petition online, which has already collected 50,000 signatures. Instead, the reaction of the local community to Lyndon has been very quiet, however, fears have not diminished. Jimmy Buxton Jr., a local civil rights activist, recalled the days when the Gu Klux Klan also gathered here and burned crucifixes using Bible quotes to justify his beliefs. “Racism has raised its threatening head in the country to an unprecedented level in the last four years, as it may have been in the 1950s when I was a boy,” he said, referring to the expansion of Assad, the rise of nationalist groups in the United States and hegemonic rebels. Those who attacked the Capitol. The FBI is a terrorist that has now changed its headlights.