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Use a Windows Ten Pro license to upgrade a new device to the Windows Eleven Pro version

Use a Windows Ten Pro license to upgrade a new device to the Windows Eleven Pro version

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In the Digital Bulletin, Nayla Al-Salibi explains how to use your old Windows 10 Pro license key to upgrade a new device to the Pro version. And also how to remove pre-installed programs and applications that the user does not need.

Can an old Windows 10 Pro license be used to upgrade a new device to Windows 11 Pro?

Many users who own old Windows 10 Pro PCs and want to replace these PCs with new ones that have Windows 11 Home preinstalled. They ask can they use the Windows 10 Pro license key from the old device to upgrade the device to the Pro version of the OS?

License keys for OS upgrades “Windows” Expensive. So the short answer is: Yes, but under certain conditions. According to the support page from Microsoft A digital license attaches itself to the components of a computer. In the event of drastic changes to the device, such as replacing the motherboard, it will not be found “Windows” on the license that corresponds to the device, so the user must reactivate the operating system“Windows” to make it run. First, he must be logged in as an Administrator to add his Microsoft account.

How do we upgrade?

To upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro, go to Settings > System > Activation, then tap Upgrade your version of Windows. This action will bring up the Change Product Key menu. Then you click Change, then enter the product key, then after various approvals, after the restart, a full installation of Windows 11 Pro should take place.

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This means that an old product key can be used to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, but as the license terms indicate “Windows”, “Successful activation does not mean that the software is authenticated or has a valid license.”

What you should know is that continuing to use this version of Windows 10 Pro on your old PC where the operating system was technically installed with this license could be a violation of a license agreement Microsoft On the other hand, which states that “the program may only be installed and used on one device,” on the other hand, if the old computer is stopped using the license, the matter is not considered a violation of the license.

For those who are interested, you can visit the support site Microsoft Which explains in detail how to activate and upgrade the operating system license “Windows”.

When buying a new computer, it contains various pre-installed programs and applications, which the user does not need. How can they be removed?

Often these programs and applications are either for advertising for commercial sites or for use for a limited period of time to try, computer manufacturers install them after commercial agreements with developers such as antivirus programs or office software packages and others.

These programs that the user does not need occupy a large amount of space on the hard disk, in addition to the fact that some of them are annoying through pop-up windows that disturb the user’s work on the device, inviting us to purchase the product or renew the software license after the trial period has expired.

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To remove these programs from computers that are running the operating system “Windows”of the suggested programmes Bulk Crap Uninstaller A free program that helps remove a group of programs in just a few seconds. The main window displays the different programs installed in the computer. You can choose what to delete easily.

Another program that I recommend to clean the computer from programs that have installed themselves without the knowledge of the user. a program Unchecky It monitors the installation of programs in the computer and removes the installation options in the boxes that allow accessories to be installed in the computer. Unchecky also notifies the user that there is an attempt to install an add-on, especially if those programs are compressed and the user does not see what they are installing. Unchecky warns that additional programs are about to be installed.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller and Unchecky are available for various OS versions “Windows” They are free software.

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