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Used cars from Germany appeared in the Czech Republic, warns Sepia

In recent weeks, we’ve registered on our Autotracer auto test system after the insurance event, which the insurance company values ​​as an aggregate economic symbol for the stock affected by the summer floods. Subsequently, the advertising center on the Czech advertising portals repaired these flooded vehicles, said the director of the Sibi company, Martin Bäger.

According to Bagger, the risks of buying such a car are increased by the fact that it does not always have to be a scam. Some dealers can buy a car that has been repaired for it without knowing its past and show it to customers without the information that it has been flooded.

Evil flooded cars According to Cebie, problems with the electronics or the engine can take a few months after the car is dry and dry. The most vulnerable systems are wiring and emissions systems. Therefore, according to the company, the examination should focus primarily on cable belts and their connections (connectors), especially in hard-to-reach passages and channels inside the body.

Find mud and go

How to identify a swimsuit

A sunken car will not be like two. Even after thorough drying and removal, it will always be a little clogged, parents will live in electricity and rust will form in inaccessible cavities.tte dle

The consequences of dumping the car are eliminated quite easily. Have the following features in your car:

  • The smell is inside
  • Smudge and sediment traces under the floor or carpet
  • Attached seat is anodized or rusted
  • Irregular engine operation
  • The vehicle’s electrical or electronic system is not working

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If turbid water enters the catalytic converter, the soot filter in the exhaust pipe under the car or in the fuel tank, AdBlue and other operating equipment, it is not easy and sometimes even possible to clean these places so that the car systems work reliably, added company technician Jan Carnault .

According to CarVertical, more than 63 percent of used cars in the Czech Republic come first from Germany, followed by Belgium at more than six percent and the United States at 5.5 percent. Imports of used cars to the Czech Republic increased in January by 30 percent to 13,403 passenger cars.