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Vaccination brings spectators back to the stadiums in USA, baseball and UFC depend on fans - sportT Sport - Czech TV

Vaccination brings spectators back to the stadiums in USA, baseball and UFC depend on fans – sportT Sport – Czech TV

UFC wrestlers can only withstand such a bold move thanks to the massive vaccination currently underway in the United States. Americans vaccinate daily More than two million doses Coronavirus vaccines. According to President Joe Biden, the United States should have adequate vaccinations for all American adults Already at the end of MayThat is, two months earlier than originally expected.

As vaccination progresses, the number of new infections and deaths daily also reached at the end of last fall, and continues to decline as more Americans are fully vaccinated.

However, more than 500,000 Americans have died from the Coronavirus during the pandemic.

In the event of a vaccination, star basketball player LeBron James comes under fire, who – like other basketball players – is being criticized for not supporting the vaccination out loud. “It’s something we will deal with with the family. I consider it a private matter. Although Adam Silver (NBA commissioner, author note) has said he would like the players to be vaccinated, it’s up to you and your family.,” He answered during the star match James when asked if he could be vaccinated.

Commentator Stephen A. Smith is a critic of James. “If you look at the course of the epidemic, you can clearly see that the coronavirus has disproportionately infected black Americans. Just look at hospitals where people who have previously suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and other things like that lie. Then you can clearly see that it has been affected. Disproportionately in the African American community, something has to be done about it, which brings me back to James, LeBron, my brother, who is an incredibly influential character who has taken the right stand on many important things, but few of which have been as devastating and demanding as a pandemic. Talking about how to solve this crisis out loud, you gotta do it, ” Mentioned on ESPN.

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Super Bowl showed the way

But thanks to vaccinations, sports fans are returning to the stadiums, despite the approval of the president and some countries. The first swallow in this regard was the February Super Bowl match in Tampa, Florida.

In the match between Tampa Bay Buccaneeers and the Kansas City Chiefs, 25,000 spectators were accepted with a total capacity of 65,890. Although it was a Super Bowl match with the fewest spectators in history, the league viewed the match as a promotional campaign for vaccination. Of the 25,000 lucky ones, 7,500 tickets were awarded to fully vaccinated doctors from the United States, and the NFL reimbursed all expenses incurred in visiting the match.

“These dedicated doctors continue to threaten their lives to help the rest of us, and we owe them our endless gratitude,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We hope in this small way that our initiative will inspire our country and point to these true American heroes. It is also an opportunity to promote appropriate vaccinations and medical practices, including wearing a headscarf in public,” Goodell added.

Although some teams allowed fans to enter the stands throughout the NFL season, the Super Bowl in the rest of America showed that even the biggest sporting events could be staged again with fans, and other leagues began to be daring.

For basketball and hockey in Texas

Most tangled is the situation in the best basketball league in the world, the NBA. In early March, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that, effective March 10, it would lift all restrictions on businesses and citizens, including the headscarf. “All companies of any kind can open their doors one hundred percent,” Abbott declared at a press conference to applause. “At the same time, I eliminate the need to wear the hijab.”

The only star state is home to three NBA teams – Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. And while their stadium doors could open 100%, none of the teams did, perhaps due to the league’s desires which were very cautious from the start. For example, the National Basketball Association was one of the first entities in the United States to launch a mandatory coronavirus test.

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So far, Dallas has permitted 20% capacity (3,900 fans) for the remainder of the season, Houston 25% capacity (4,500 fans), the highest percentage of the entire NBA, and San Antonio 17% of stadium capacity (3,200 fans). Fans).

“We’ve always said we have the best fans in the NBA and playing matches in an empty arena reminded us how lucky we are to enjoy their incredible support. We can’t wait to see, hear, and communicate with you,” said San Antonio Spurs marketing director RC Bafford in early March.

Fans must then continue to follow strict procedures when participating in the match, such as social distancing, wearing a headscarf, and undergoing a medical examination on the mobile app and a temperature check upon entering the stadium.

But not everyone is as fortunate as basketball Fans in Texas. For example, teams from California – the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Sacramento – still play in front of empty galleries. Like Portland or Chicago Bulls with Thomas Saturnansky.

The situation is similar in the NHL. Here, too, the gates are a lot more open to fans in Texas – the stars there are up to 5,000 spectators per match. Dallas was also one of the few teams to start the season with the fans Already in mid-January. According to the Dallas President, that was a reason It roughly corresponds to the number of people at the partyIn September, you can watch the duel between Dallas and Tampa in the Stanley Cup final of the previous season. Compared to that Never go to hockey again In California (Anaheim, San Jose, Los Angeles), Chicago or Colorado.

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Baseball and UFC at full capacity

Baseball fans are also looking forward to the new season. MLB starts on April 1 and most teams are cross-league Planning to start a new year with fans in the stands. At the same time, baseball players do not conform to the aforementioned trend. The current Los Angeles Dodgers champions have yet to decide whether they will be able to get fans at Dodger Stadium, but they have already allowed the capacity to open to 18% at their training camp in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the latest reports, San Diego Padres plans to open its stadium with a quarter of its capacity.

Baseball may be the only major sport in the United States that Californians can enjoy in the coming months. Baseball, of course, has an advantage over hockey and basketball as it is played outdoors.

The most ambitious plan ever announced by the UFC, a company in the MMA competition, was announced. President Dana White announced to avid mixed martial arts fans on Twitter that UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida, will be held at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena.

“We have three championship matches in the program, this is a packed program that will take place in front of a crowded hall with 15,000 UFC fans. Tickets will soon be sold out. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back! I just want to say – Thank you Jacksonville, I love you” See you soon, the UFC president announced In a video of enthusiastic fans, White originally wanted to stage an event in Texas, but an unnamed city in the southern United States rejected his offer.