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Vaccine war. Sputnik V (by A. Fusio)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently described its annual report as “one of the most exciting years in history” in 2020, clearly indicating that corona virus infection is a risk factor for RT.
However, this is not the only thing read in the document. In fact, the document reveals that Washington has pressured the Brazilian government not to buy the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, entitled “Fighting Harmful Impacts in South America.” The U.S. is trying to limit the activities of certain states in Latin America, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. The article explains how the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) used its diplomatic relations with the Department of Health. Area detrimental to U.S. security.

The report also says that the AGO will coordinate with other state agencies to prevent South American countries from accepting aid in the fight against the epidemic promoted by these countries with “bad intentions.” These scams will seek to expand their political influence at the expense of the United States. To this end, the United States has promoted the “Warp Speed” program for the provision of safe and effective vaccines, a public-private partnership dedicated to the development of Covit-19 vaccines and treatments manufactured in friendly countries of the United States.
It is truly paradoxical that the US government is lovingly calling on Brazil, the second largest country in the world, for corona virus infections and deaths, on the brink of a health catastrophe, do not accept Russia’s help in abandoning vaccine purchases for simple reasons alone and sterile political games. Already President Jail Bolzano has reduced his country to an open gas chamber, following the nonsense of his mentor Donald Trump, so accepting US advice is to bring Brazil straight into the health abyss.

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But this is not just Brazil in the crosshairs of the United States: the North American country has “recommended” to the Panama government that Cuba drop the proposed aid. The Caribbean island has actually sent forty doctors to the Central American country to assist local medical staff in the fight against the corona virus. Accepting this aid is tantamount to increasing Cuba’s political influence in the region for the United States. Cuba has sent doctors from around the world to assist various states in the fight against the epidemic, including Italy, with troops that went to Crimea and Turin.
The United States has every chance of trying to maintain its political primacy more than any other country in the world, even allowing thousands of people to die in Govt. In fact, I do not know if American pharmaceutical companies can provide all the necessary vaccines. But it is not a bar when it comes to combating evil influences in the world by following the old, old words of the Cold War.

Andrea Puccio –