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قيمتها 165 ألف دولار.. إعلان أسماء الفائزين بجائزة ويندهام كامبل العالمية 2022

Value $ 165,000

Yale University announces eight winners of the 2022 Winter Campbell Awards Wyndham-Campbell The award was given to these authors who will receive $ 165,000 each for their work that explores the personal, complex issues of history, politics and culture and their literary achievements.

Prize winners for the 2022 Awards Wyndham-Campbell They are: Chitsi Tangarimbaka (Zimbabwe), CVway Gloria Natlow (Zimbabwe), Marco Jefferson (USA), Emmanuel Iduma (Nigeria), Winsom Pinnacle (UK), Sharon Bridgeforth (USA), Wong Mai (Ireland / Singapore) / Singapore Gonzalez (United Kingdom).

Wintom Campbell Prize 2022

Awards Director Michael Keeler said: Wyndham-CampbellIn 10 exceptional years, the awards have been celebrated Wyndham-Campbell By cultivating exceptional literary achievements and outstanding talents, we are proud to celebrate our tenth anniversary with the winners, and are at the forefront of the voices of women around the world.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners during the annual International Literary Festival at Yale University from September 19 to 22. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Annually for eight teachers writing in English anywhere in the world. Eighty-three writers representing 21 countries around the world received their first awards in 2013. This award can be given to writers at any stage of their lives.

Prize winners are secretly nominated and decided anonymously in four categories: non-fiction, fiction, poetry and drama. Recipients are unaware that their award will be considered until Keeler contacts them about the judges’ decision.

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