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Van Damme's first comment on his participation in the "Ramez Movie Star" program

Van Damme’s first comment on his participation in the “Ramez Movie Star” program

International star Jean-Claude Van Damme expressed his happiness with the success of the “Ramez Movie Star” program, in which he participates and achieves high views during its presentation on MBC Egypt.

A few days ago, MBC Egypt revealed that the “Ramez Movie Star” program succeeded in achieving 730 million views on social media during the first 8 days of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Van Dam re-tweeted a publication bearing the huge number achieved by his program in partnership with the star Ramiz Jalal through his account on Facebook, and commented: “I am happy to know that the pranks program in which I participate achieves 730 million views in just 8 days.”

The last period witnessed many rumors about a dispute between Van Damme and Ramer Jalal, which led to the Belgian star deleting all the photos he had published for the “Ramez Movie Star” program.

The international star is participating in Ramez Jalal’s prank this year by deluding the celebrities who participate in the program that they will play an acting role with him, but that they are exposed to great risks during filming, before Ramez Jalal appears so that everyone discovers that the risks were orchestrated and that Van Dam participated in their deception.

The Ramez Jalal program annually faces accusations of agreeing with the guests to deceive the masses, at a time when artists confirm that they were exposed to real pranks, and they did nothing about it before participating in the work.

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