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Vanessa Jamesov and Eric Radford: pbh novu krasobruslaskho pru

They competed on the ice for ten years. In sports doubles, the French actor James is the European champion, and Canan Radford is the two-time world champion. However, over the past couple of years, they have both built their careers out of the tempting world.

They met again in a free TV ski competition.

During breaks, try items only to get rid of them. And suddenly they find out that even without effort, they are together on the ice.

End of the main chapter

It has only been speculated for some time that on April 21, the Canadian Snowboarding Association officially announced that Radford and Jamesov will represent Canada in the coming seasons. J will be from 34 to 36 years old.

Radford confirmed his rebellion by Stoik, commenting on the phrase: Mouth that a lot of people will ptt pro. But i sp ptm: no?

And James? From the new connection, it promises a better end to the snowboarding. I didn’t end up the way I wanted it. I still respect that you cannot wear snowboarding.

Radford and his former partner Megan Duhamel won the world doubles sports title in 2015 and 2016. When they won the bronze medal in Pyongyang three years ago, they were among the oldest athletes at the age of 33 and 32. So no one was surprised when, after the Olympic seasons, they announced the end of an exaggerated eight-year career.

Duhamel’s race began to form a family and the couple began blossoming with their husband, Bruno Marcotte. Radford preferred to participate in the TV competition Battle of the Blades, a genre of StarDance on ice, where krasobruslai trained for shows with hockey players. He still plays a role on a show with Duhamel.

T, the emergence of a new collapse. In the social school, she wrote an edition, according to which Radford took on a new role in the show, although he knew that he would seduce James. That’s why he cheated on me: It’s to my heart that our snowboarding career, which Erik and I have worked on so much, will come to an end, and it hurts so much.

She later added: I’m so sorry that Eric never reached out to me and informed me of the final thing.

Neastn srka

What her opinion of James’s new union was her former partner Morgan Cypress was unknown. Cyprus is now a controversial figure. At the end of 2019, USA Today reported indecent intimate photos, which it sent to his court in Tamp, Florida.

Last December, a Florida government official charged him and threatened him with five years in prison.

With James, who was born in Canada, he has represented France since 2010 and gradually worked his way up snowboarding. In the winter of 2018-19, they won two Grand Prix races, the Grand Prix Final and the European Championship. Provali sezonu sn.

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Only at the World Championships, when sharpened before the short program, James bumped into the Italian seducer Guaris, pulling them out of focus, and after a short program full of bugs, they never reached a better place in town.


With a BVALM partner. French Vanessa Jamesoff and Morgan Cypress during a short program for athletic couples in Pyongyang

In the fall of 2019, James City, in association with Cipres, decided to stage an ice show with a hockey player. Originally, they performed with Cipres, the TV competition ended, and they would make it to the second half of the season, but eventually they lost everything, and last year they first saw that they had decided to end the career.

I thought it was over, Jamesov said that I wasn’t going to start snowboarding.

So she just joined the Battle of the Blades series. There I met Radford and the word spread …

Just one try

To represent Canada, Jamesov had to be released first by the French Figure Skating Association, which, to everyone’s surprise, only lasted two weeks. To be clear: When Bruno Masot launched the French federation seven years ago so that he and Alyona Savinkova could represent Germany, he had to repent for two years.

James and Radford know that their first and next seasons will be their first and last. That is why they choose music for the most seductive programs. They cannot rely on the program to adjust the insurance they have for future seasons.

Their choreography was choreographed by the two-time ice dance world champion Guillaume Ceseron with Julia Marcotte, who coincidentally was the former partner of Radford Duhamel.

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In an interview with CBC, Radford said: Regarding Vanessa, I want to discover and start new things.

Jamesov added: After every fork I go home and how much: Today was a good day.