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Venus and a clipping from an Egyptian astronomer… Terrifying expectations from the Dutch seismologist!

Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits explains the effect of the movement of geometric planets on the globe (from Twitter)

Natural disasers

“The planet Venus played a major role in the earthquakes on February 6… Stay tuned for stronger seismic activity in the coming days.”

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Still the Dutch seismologist Frank Hogerbets He receives criticism and accusations of creating panic around the worldafter he repeatedly warned of a “massive earthquake” and destructive seismic activities, based on his engineering calculations that link the movement of the planets and their alignment and their impact on the earth, but he insists on his theories, andRetweets with more predictions of imminent seismic activity During the month of March, linking it to the planet Venus.

In his latest forecast, Wednesday, Hueglerbetz retweeted a graph and said, “Some critical geometry was mentioned on the 13th (of March). It includes the geometry of Mercury and Venus (red/purple peaks) combined. Watch for stronger earthquakes in the coming days as Earth will be in conjunction. Quadrant with the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune (red peaks).

Hogrbit’s warnings had caused panic, especially after he had predicted several times the occurrence of earthquakes or tremors before they actually occurred over the past few weeks, most notably the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6, and caused more than 51,000 deaths among Turkey and Syria, in addition to tens of thousands of injured and displaced persons.

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And after he had previously tweeted about relationships between earthquakes and the full moon, the Dutch scientist again sparked controversy by tweeting about Jupiter’s relationship with earthquakes that occur on Earth. He also tweeted yesterday, saying: “Venus played a major role in the earthquakes on February 6. Here we present statistics showing the existence of a strong and undeniable relationship between Venus and major earthquakes.”

He retweeted data published by SSGEOS, stressing that “anyone interested can simply get the scale of the solar system and measure the conjunctions in the data,” as those data indicated that Venus is unique. Not only does it have an induced electromagnetic field, it also has a very strong correlation of 87% with major earthquakes (most recently in Central Turkey).

It is strange that a follow-up to the Dutch scientist, Hana Matar, responded to him with a tweet confirming that her father is an Egyptian astronomer and he presented that theory 30 years ago, and she expressed her desire to speak with Hogrebits, and also attached a hand drawing belonging to her father.

The Dutch scientist could only say thanks: “Yes, in the past some very brave scientists did actual observation and research. It should be greatly encouraged. Thank you Hanaa Matter for sharing your father’s work.” The image shared by the Egyptian follow-up is of the solar system, with reference (in handwriting) to a relationship between Jupiter and Venus with earthquakes that occurred in the summer of 1995.

In another tweet, the controversial Dutch scientist wrote: “It is time to abandon a belief system based only on a 300-year-old theory and start adopting new theories that also include the electromagnetic fields of the planets,” warning of “stronger seismic activity in the coming days.”

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Hogrepets, who has become a social media celebrity, had recently published an ominous prediction in which he believes that, due to the convergence of critical geometry of the Earth, Mercury and Saturn, the planet has become threatened in the first seven days of March, with what he called a “massive earthquake” with a magnitude of 8.5 and what above.

Hogrepets also posted a video explaining his predictions, saying that earthquakes occurred in urban places, and that they occurred in uninhabited places, does not mean that they did not occur. He emphasized that his expectations of a “critical week” in March had already been fulfilled, as several earthquakes hit the ground, the strongest of which had a magnitude of 6.9, but fortunately they occurred in remote places and did not cause damage. During his publication, Hogrepets predicted some seismic activities in March as a result of the lunar conjunction, especially with Jupiter, stressing that it is not possible to predict the location of these activities or their strength. He pointed out that the strength of the impact of these seismic activities depends on the state of the earth’s crust in the areas affected by the earthquakes.

Many experts and studies have confirmed previously that the date of earthquakes cannot be predicted, although it is possible to determine their location based on the history of regions and their location on seismic activity plates around the world.

Many scientists have also criticized the theories of Hogarbits, denying the issue of linking the movement of planets and their position to seismic activity. Hogrebit’s theories and predictions about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not supported by mainstream science, and the vast majority of seismologists and geologists do not consider his claims credible.

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