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Veronica Lefranques: Like Italy's European neighbors, she also embarked on a process of relaxation

Veronica Lefranques: Like Italy’s European neighbors, she also embarked on a process of relaxation

With the gradual improvement of the situation, the red regions have completely disappeared from Italy in recent weeks, and while I am preparing this contribution, there is only one small northern region of the Valle d’Aosta below the Alps in the Orange Zone. All other areas are now yellow – meaning all stores are open, although large malls should remain closed on weekends. In the yellow zone, it is also possible to return to cinemas, theaters and museums.

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However, the opening of restaurants and bars has caused great delight among the residents. So far, only outdoor seating is allowed, but from June 1, it will be allowed to serve inside catering facilities. And although this year’s rainy May weather is not entirely tempting to sit in the gardens, Italians have stormed restaurants.

Whole street

On the weekend, when the businesses reopened for the first time, there was virtually no movement on the streets of old Florence. The rush seemed as if the foreign tourists from their ancestors had returned to the city. But the mistake, it was Italy, whether domestic or even transnational, that simply needed to make up for the long wait.

Those like me who thought he was going to town for lunch were not so lucky. In the early days after opening, it was nearly impossible to get a free table in the restaurant without prior reservation.

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When, after a long search, I was finally lucky enough to be seated at the table, I knew that the kitchen would be closing in half an hour, so that I could only order a quick meal.

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I was a little surprised. All over Tuscany, which was in the red or orange, restaurant owners collectively complained that they couldn’t do their job. Now that the government has finally allowed them to do so, why should the kitchen shut down soon?

Progressive release

But it seems imperative for the company to prepare for the evening, as another influx of customers will arrive around 7am. Contrary to their habits, Italians have to eat dinner relatively early these days to get home before 10am. Since then, curfews remain in effect across the country.

It has been the subject of intense skirmishes on the political scene in the past few weeks. It was the far right that criticized the government for insisting on curfews until now. However, as the health situation improves, it is already planned to gradually postpone it to later hours – from the first to the eleventh and from June 7 to midnight.

From next week, Italians will be allowed to return to the gyms, and from mid-June they can again hold conferences or seminars, but also a wedding, as appropriate.

The author is a publicist