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Versace: Britney Spears' wedding dress took 700 hours to design and implement

Versace: Britney Spears’ wedding dress took 700 hours to design and implement

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Britney Spears dazzled at her wedding to personal trainer and model Sam Asgari, in an elegant Versace dress. The wedding ceremony was held outside Los Angeles on Thursday.

The pop princess wore a beautiful satin veil and a white collar, during her wedding ceremony at her home in Thousand Oaks, California.

After months of speculation about who would design Spears’ wedding dress, the singer mistakenly posted on Instagram a year ago that “Versace designs my dress as we speak,” then deleted the post.

The brand’s creative director, Donatella Versace, confirmed this Friday, revealing on social media that her brand has also designed Asgari’s tuxedo.

Credit: Kevin Ostajewski/Shutterstock

The Italian designer attached the photo, which she posted to the newlyweds on Instagram, with the words that Spears occupies a “very special place in my heart.”

“It was natural for me to design Britney Wissam’s wedding outfit,” she wrote in the accompanying photo, noting that the team “put a tremendous amount of love into every detail. Together with our professionals, we created a dress and tuxedo that exudes elegance and sophistication. They look perfect. together”.

Versace joined the guest list, which included Lady Gaga, Madonna and Selena Gomez.

With a classic dress and a three-meter veil, the design features an open neckline that extends to the shoulders, dropping slightly revealing. His chest was distinguished by front pleats, while his lower part had a long V-shaped leg opening.

Britney Spears wedding
Credit: Kevin Ostajewski/Shutterstock

A Versace representative told CNN that Spears also wore tulle gloves embroidered with pearls and white satin shoes. It took more than 700 hours of the fashion house’s tailors to craft the dress.

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According to Vogue, Spears wore a neck-size necklace with a 62-carat diamond, a bracelet, and teardrop-shaped earrings. As for her bridal makeup, British makeup artists Charlotte and Sophia Tilbury, who previously told the fashion magazine they were “happy and proud” to work with Spears on her bridal look.

According to Vogue, this evening Spears wore three outfits. She later appeared in a short red dress, then a short black dress, and a two-tone outfit, all designed by Versace.

Asghari, who met Spears on the set of the 2016 “Sleepper Party” music video, wore a black tuxedo to the party. His delicate Versace jacket features silk satin detailing, layered over a white shirt, black shoes, and a black silk tie.

Britney Spears wedding
Credit: Versace

Spears’ wedding dress is similar to the one she wore when she married Kevin Federline in 2004. On that day, she chose a classic strapless satin wedding dress by Filipino-American wedding dress designer Monique Lhuillier, which later turned into a white lace minidress. It was a dress with a high neck and an open back.

Speaking to CNN last year, Lhuillier said she was given just three weeks to design and produce wedding and reception dresses, as well as bridal gowns. She remembers, “I told them, OK, we’ll get it done. Don’t worry, but I was dying on the inside.”

Spears’ first husband, Jason Alexander, whom she was married to for just 55 hours before they broke up with him in 2004, tried to break into the star’s wedding Thursday. Police said he was arrested and charged with trespassing and battery.

The wedding takes place nearly seven months after Spears won a court battle against her long-term guardianship, a legally binding agreement that she said prevents her from marrying or having children. In April, she and Asghari announced that they were expecting a baby, although they later published a joint statement revealing their loss.

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