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Very harmful to health.. 3 foods that you should not eat with soft drinks!

And according to American centers To monitor and prevent diseases, people who regularly consume Soft drinks Sweetened they become more likely to get several Diseases chronic and serious.

The list of diseases caused by soft drinks includes type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, obesity and gout.

The risk becomes greater when soft drinks are consumed in conjunction with 4 foods:

When you eat a “cake” dessert prepared from ingredients including milk, for example, and then consume a soft drink, as might happen at a birthday party, you fall into something completely unhealthy.

Experts say that mixing milk and soft drink in the stomach leads to acid disturbance and indigestion.

It is true that a person does not consume two drinks at the same time, but he may drink “Cola” while eating, then switch to coffee after finishing his meal, which is wrong.

And the person who drinks coffee and soft drinks gets a very large amount of the stimulant caffeine, and this may lead to insomnia, sleep disorders, and possibly nightmares.

  • Spicy foods:

It is not recommended to consume soft drinks while eating spicy foods that make the individual feel a kind of burning in his tongue.

It is a mistake to try to overcome the effect of the hot taste through the soft drink, because the latter turns into sulfuric acid at high temperatures.

Experts advise to drink water in order to reduce the effect of capsaicin in spicy foods.

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