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Via "Sky News Arabia" .. Assi El-Hillani responds to Rahma Riad

Via “Sky News Arabia” .. Assi El-Hillani responds to Rahma Riad

In a chat with “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Halani said: “First of all, I congratulate all Sky News Arabia followers on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, and I hope that it is always fine, healthy and safe, and I hope that the coming days will bring all our loved ones and brothers in the Arab region all good, happiness and joy.”

He added, “My wish is not different from the wishes of any human being, which is health and peace of mind, and this is one of the things that any human desires the most.”

And about his impressions of the honor he received recently from the Lebanese Ministry of Culture in light of what he is going through Lebanon Of difficult circumstances, he said: “Certainly we are going through a very difficult crisis today on more than one level, but this does not mean that we give up, and art has always carried a message and a goal, and I, in addition to the lyrical and entertainment works that I presented, also participated in charitable and humanitarian works, and presented many Activities whose proceeds go to charitable institutions, whether in Lebanon or in the world, so it is very important not to give in to the fait accompli.

He continued: “He said the pope One day that Lebanon is a message, and it really is, and it is not easy to eliminate Lebanon from existence, and I am sure that we will rise again, and that Lebanese people He will pass this stage despite its bitterness and cruelty.”

Speaking about the Lebanese crisis, Al-Halani said: “There is a saying that I love very much by Imam Ali: If poverty were a man, I would kill him, so what about the poorest of an entire people.”

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Backstage, the two stars met Assi El-Hellani and Rahma Riad, who participated in the revival of this concert in IstanbulShe told Sky News Arabia: “Assi El-Hellani is an example of humility, sophistication, literature, morals and generosity.”

In turn, Al-Halani replied: “I will tell you that I spoke about you in one of my meetings, which will soon be presented with many beautiful things, and I spoke about you and your father, the late artist Riad Ahmed.”

And about the blame she directed at him for performing one of her father’s songs without communicating with her, she said: “The blame is as loving, and I wish Assi to always communicate with me, and I am honored to call me.”

In response to her, Al-Halani said: “For the truth, we spoke with the song’s composer and writer,” and Rahma assured him: “Choose what songs you want and we will fulfill your request.”

As for whether they would present the idea of ​​a duet together, the two confirmed that they were ready for this step, and Assi commented on the topic by saying: “Rahma is an artist who worked a lot and worked on developing herself a lot after participating in the “Star Academy” program, and presented different lyric colors, and searched a lot to find her identity. This is similar to what I presented after graduating from the “Studio Art” program in 1988, where I was distinguished by folklore songs and then presented many songs and different colors, and I kept fighting to be able to make my name.”

In response to his words, Rahma said to him: “Today, you are an important name in the art scene, and you are a school, and Lebanon is proud of you, and we love you so much.”

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In a private chat with “Sky News Arabia”, Rahma expressed her happiness to participate in this concert, saying: “The artist and I shared Assi El Helani With a concert for the first time in Erbil, and today we are meeting again in Istanbul, and for the truth is he is a beautiful and humble artist, and he has a wonderful audience.”

And about exchanging her greetings, which the Egyptian actress addressed to her Shereenwho expressed her admiration for her through her performance of her Lebanese song “Ya Betfikr Ya Bethass”, she said: “I am very happy with Sherine’s comment, and she presented this song as a greeting from me, hoping that the audience will like it with my voice.”