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Viala - ČT24 - Czech television said that the restructuring of CEZ could take place within two years

Viala – ČT24 – Czech television said that the restructuring of CEZ could take place within two years

According to Viala, the restructuring should be such that part of the critical infrastructure can be managed by the state through the special economic zone. According to him, it is a matter of further discussions, and first of all it is necessary to agree with minority shareholders. It is estimated that the whole process should take about two years.

“The goal is to have a greater impact on critical infrastructure and to be able to better deal with the things we are facing now. The Czech Republic is in a very bad position compared to other countries in terms of energy security,” the prime minister said in his speech. You want to put major domestic power plants under state control.

According to information from Czech television, the government plans to divide the semi-governmental special economic zone into two fully-governmental and a private part. The state must control 100% of electricity production at nuclear or coal-fired power plants. The special segment will cover renewable energy sources, trade and electricity distribution.

Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) acknowledged the possibility of an EEZ partition a month ago. It is his resort that manages seventy percent of the shares of the entire energy group. On Thursday, Stangora no longer wanted to comment on the details of the changes at CEZ.

Support the coalition and the opposition

Alliance partners support the intent of the ODS Villala Government. “I think the PM was going to those major power plants that CEZ owns. And there I can imagine a division of the property, and the transfer of my own production to another entity,” replied House Budget Committee Chairman Joseph Bernard (about STAN).

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“It is absolutely essential that the state, if this happens now, that is, the huge profits of CEZ, can use this profit, for example, towards families and parents, to offset the higher energy costs,” says Jan Bartošek (KDU-ČSL)).

The possible split of CEZ is also supported by the opposition YES. “Simply privatize one part and keep the other as a 100% shareholder. That means paying a certain resource to minority shareholders,” said Karel Havlicek (YES), the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

According to the head of the SPD Parliamentary Club, Radim Fiala, the state should try to buy CEZ shares. “CEZ should be a state-owned company,” he said.

The Prime Minister in Brussels also spoke about inflation. He noted that even the best economists do not know when the situation will improve. “I think it will happen later this year, but it’s hard to predict,” he said. According to him, the government is doing its best to curb inflation. He noted that it had already managed to deal with the debt, which according to Fiala is responsible for the previous government, but is now facing external influences, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine.