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فيكتوريا بيكهام تعيد موضة البنطلون القماش "الشارلستون" بإطلالة مونوكورم

Victoria Beckham brings back the fashion of the “Charleston” trousers with a monochrome look

Celebrities and stars choose their looks very carefully all the time, even in their daily looks, you find them in full elegance and beauty. Fashion and fashion, and fashion becomes more valuable if it is worn by one of the world’s famous fashion designers, and this is the case with Victoria Beckham.

According to the magazine’s website,in styleRecently, the famous fashion designer Victoria Beckham appeared in a look that brought back one of the features of fashion that disappeared for many years, as she wore black cloth pants, characterized by his wide legs, called “Charleston”.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham clearly doesn’t focus on the constant controversy over the choice of style and design of skinny jeans, instead, she is too busy persuading girls all the time to invest in stylish black pants that are very different from the ones you could find in your closet from seasons past. .

Black, wide-legged ‘Charleston’ canvas pants became an essential part of the music festival look. Coachella In early 2010, but as soon as the queen started Coachella With Vanessa Hudgens wearing them every year, the interest in style began with the fading of everyday wear, it was very difficult to break the association of wearing pants with flower crowns and dazzling face paint. However, Beckham proves it can be worn with style and simplicity in 2021.

Victoria Beckham opted for a monochromatic look, pairing black pants with a long-sleeved black blouse tucked into the pants, and her signature massive black sunglasses. And you have to admit, the pants make the outfit more sexy, not to mention make her legs look miles long, and her hair, as usual, was left loose in a “wifi” shape, and she didn’t wear much makeup.

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