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Video .. 5 strange situations witnessed by the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Video .. 5 strange situations witnessed by the Tokyo Olympics 2021

The curtain came down (Sunday) on the Olympic Games “Tokyo Olympics 2021”, which was postponed from last year.

In addition to the records and sporting achievements achieved during the Olympic Games, a number of athletes grabbed the spotlight in the Tokyo Olympics thanks to strange and funny situations.

In the following lines, “Al Ain Sports” reviews 5 strange situations witnessed by the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Tailor Grade Athletic

During the diving competitions at the Tokyo Olympics, British diver Tommy Daley was seen knitting a woolen dress in the stands as he watched the game.

Knitting is one of Deli’s hobbies, who recently posted a video on his official account on “Instagram” showing a small bag that he sewed himself, in order to put the gold medal in which he was crowned at the Tokyo Olympics in the synchronized diving competition.

rebellious horse

The modern pentathlon, which combines equestrian, running, shooting, swimming and fencing, witnessed a strange and complicated situation when the horse “Saint Boy” refused to jump over a barrier.

The horse refused all attempts to persuade him to jump, so the German player Annika Schlo, who was leading him, collapsed and cried because of her loss after she was in a good position that put her close to getting a medal.

This unusual situation resulted in the expulsion of German trainer Kim Rayner, for punching the rebellious horse.

slapping stimulation

The photographers’ lenses showed German judoka Martina Traidos being slapped by her coach before facing Hungary’s Chovi Uzbas in the round of 16 in the 63 kg competition, and he also pulled her violently from her suit.

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The International Judo Federation issued an official statement confirming that the coach’s behavior was inappropriate, and contrary to the rules of the sport.

On the other hand, Martina defended her coach and refused to criticize him, and indicated what happened was not painful for her, and that she chose this type of stimulation herself, and that these rituals increase her enthusiasm.

But it was unfortunate for the player and her coach that this method of motivation did not work, as the fight ended in her loss.

Rebel boxer

French boxer Murat Aliyev caused a state of chaos after his exclusion from the boxing competition.

The referee stopped Murad Aliyev’s fight against Britain’s Fraser Clark in the quarter-finals 4 seconds before the end of the second round, after the latter suffered an injury to the top of the eye, and the referee considered that Aliyev deliberately butted his opponent at a later time.

The French boxer protested against the decision to violently exclude him, as he punched the television camera, toppled the mouth guard, and sat next to the ring for half an hour, then left the hall after a conversation with officials, before returning a quarter of an hour later.

letter error

Although Japan is famous for its advancements in technology and electronics, the bow and arrow competition has witnessed a state of controversy due to a malfunction in the electronic system for calculating and announcing the results.

The official website of the Tokyo Olympics confirmed that the Egyptian Youssef Tolba won 6-2 over his Kazakh rival Jankin Denis in the 64th round of the bow and arrow competitions, although in fact he lost (4-6).

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After the official account of the Egyptian Olympic Committee on the social networking site “Facebook” announced the victory of students, it retracted and revealed in a clarification statement that the error in publishing the result was due to the failure of the electronic system.

Maged Mohie, coach of the Egyptian national team for the bow and arrow, indicated that Tolba lost 4-6 after he succeeded in a 4-4 draw after being late 0-4, but the electronic system stopped making the result appear as 6-2 for the Egyptian player.

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