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Video: Aero started production of “engéček”, Vietnam had ordered the first aircraft

Workers on the production line of the latest developed L-39NG (Next Generation) subsonic jet are currently in full swing. More than eighteen of them are working on the new generation of the legendary Albatros trainer aircraft.

At Vodochody, they are ready to produce up to two planes per month. The first “engéček” for LOM Prague will be number 7029.

On Wednesday, Chief Industrial Officer Yan Shap, who is responsible for aircraft production, presented the largest part of this aircraft so far and some other parts already ready for assembly.

“We have made everything more efficient, so at the end of the hall the entire fuselage will come out. After that, the wings are attached to the fuselage and this is followed by the so-called revival and ground tests in the hangar, ”explains Ab.

According to him, it takes about 33,000 man-hours to produce one aircraft, which translates to about two years in real time.

L-39NG aircraft

L-39NG aircraft

The L-39NG received non-restricted type certification last year and its serial production began. The aircraft is a direct successor to the L-39C, thanks to which thousands of professional pilots have been trained. This jet aircraft is capable of performing the role of a light fighter and a unified and complex aircraft for the complete training of pilots of the modern Air Force. The L-39NG uses modern production technologies and modern equipment. The aircraft’s avionics is ready to train future pilots of fourth and fifth generation aircraft. The aircraft also incorporates a wide range of simulation technologies, including a planned connection to a state-of-the-art tactical simulation center with the aim of increasing training effectiveness.

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In terms of investment in the production line, the production buildings and staff facilities have also been renovated. Dozens of specialists now work here. And more are being sought.

“We are recruiting new employees for the new production line who will participate in the construction of our L-39NG aircraft. The output of the assembly line is a complete fuselage of the aircraft. We especially need plumbers or moldmakers,” explains Jerry Linka, Aero Vice President of Production.

The first will be in Vietnam

The new aircraft already received non-restricted type certification last year. Thus, the Czech manufacturer could sell it all over the world. They are the first to get an agreed order in Vietnam.

“We have a good long-term historical experience with Vietnam. The aircraft will be there at the military base at the end of this year,” said Victor Sutona, president of Aira Vodochody Corporation.

However, Aero’s preferred option is delivery to Czech pilots. “The request of the Czech state-owned company is a very important reference and at the same time it will enable the direct collection of information from the operation,” the president adds.

According to Jiri Protiva, Director of LOM Praha, the main reason for acquiring the L-39NG for the Czech state company is to ensure the continuity of training Air Force tactical pilots on subsonic Albatros turbojets.

The current L-39C, which has been operated by LOM Prague Flight Training Center for nineteen years, is nearing the end of its technical life.

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“We will continue to use Czech aircraft to train pilots of the Czech Republic’s army and foreign military air forces. This is a unique national capability in linking aircraft production and training capabilities,” says Protiva.

Aero Vodochody is now taking orders for a total of 34 aircraft, among its customers is Hungary, for example. According to President Sotona, other contracts are being negotiated, including with Slovakia.