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Video .. Developing a boat that can fly over water that looks like a spaceship

Video .. Developing a boat that can fly over water that looks like a spaceship

An Italian shipbuilder is developing a fast boat that can fly over water for long distances; Due to its high speed.

The boat called “Persico F70” is about 20 meters long, has retractable wings and “spaceship-like interiors,” according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The newspaper said that the company “Persico Marine” is building the boat, and that it issued a statement confirming that “the boat will float above the waves with a small crew.”

The newspaper added that the company is building the boat in cooperation with the Italian companies “Carkeek Design Partners” and “Pininfarina Nautical” for the manufacture of yachts and boats, adding that the new boat is made of carbon composite, and has an “elegant aerodynamic silhouette that helps in fast sailing.”

The newspaper quoted the company’s statement as saying that while most yachts are “built only for speed”, the “Persico F70” boat combines high performance with luxurious interiors. This means that it can be used in racing and on the seas.

The company confirmed in its statement that the new boat outperforms the 100-foot (30-meter) ultra-fast boats, and can fly over water at a speed of only 10 knots.

The newspaper said: “In addition to the retractable wings, the boat is also equipped with elevators on the rudder blade, which together allow it to fly through the water with the least amount of drag.”

According to the statement, the open, futuristic interior space of a spaceship is fitted with a series of ‘structural rings’ which Daniele Mattson, chief yacht designer at Pininfarina, said emphasize the length, width and strength of the boat.

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Marcelo Persico, President of Persico Marine, said: “Incorporating the design as a race boat, design excellence, and day-to-day sailing features is a huge challenge and we have both Carkeek Design Partners and Pininfarina participating in this.

Persico added: “Creating a great team like this one is the best advantage of marketing a boat capable of making history like the Persico F70… The truth is that a craft of this kind requires world-class design, great technology, building expertise and the best designers.. and we have built a partnership. strong to achieve this ambitious goal.”