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(فيديو) Flight Simulator تدعم معدلات إطارات أفضل على Xbox VRR بالبلدي

(Video) Flight Simulator supports better frame rates on Xbox VRR in my country

During the presentation of Microsoft E3 2021 Sunday, stay tuned flight simulator that works on Xbox Series X, but what was missing from the trailer is the context for how the game will perform on consoles.

We now have an answer, in a Twitter response spotted by Eurogamer, that confirmed Microsoft The Series X and S will target 30fps, however, if you own a relatively recent TV that features a

HDMI 2.1 and variable refresh rate support, the game will exceed 30 frames per second.

Eurogamer has also spotted FAQs that provide additional information about how the console version of Flight Simulator interacts with its PC counterparts, in short, if you purchased the game through a store windowsYou won’t have to buy it back on Xbox

To play it there – although you wouldn’t have the same luck if you bought the game from Valve.

On the same note, any DLC produced by Microsoft and Asobo will also transfer between Xbox and Windows Store PC versions, as well as achievements. Despite these limitations, Microsoft will fully support cross-platform cross-play, so if you decide to play the game on Xbox at July 27, you will see my players steam And the Windows Store when you’re flying in the sky.

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