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Video - for the first time .. "NASA" reveals the sound of a black hole

Video – for the first time .. “NASA” reveals the sound of a black hole

For the first time, the US NASA released a video that included sounds from a black hole.

And NASA issued a statement, saying: “In some ways, this sound is unlike anything else that has been made before, as it reconsiders the actual sound waves detected in the data from our Chandra X-ray Observatory.”

And the agency added: “The common misconception that there is no sound in space, arises from the fact that most of space is essentially a vacuum, and provides no means for sound waves to propagate through it.”

“The galaxy cluster contains abundant amounts of gas that envelop hundreds or even thousands of galaxies within, providing a medium for sound waves to travel.”

And about the newly issued sound, the agency explained, as reported by “LAD Bible,” that it has been associated with this black hole since 2003, after astronomers discovered that it sends pressure waves that produce ripples in the hot gas of the cluster.

However, according to the space agency, the discovery indicates that we humans are, in fact, unable to hear 57 octaves below middle C, which is made possible by the new sonication.

And about how to make this sound available for listening despite the impossibility of it, NASA explained: “The sound waves were extracted in radial directions, that is, outward from the center, and then the signals were recombined in the human hearing range by raising them up by 57 and 58 octaves above their true tones.”

As NASA explained, “sonication scans the three-level image from left to right, with each wavelength assigned to a different set of sound tones.”

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“Radio waves are mapped to the lower tones, optical data to the midtones, and Chandra’s x-rays are mapped to the higher pitches.”