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Video from Britain.. The smoke from the fire burning the trees fills the sky

Video from Britain.. The smoke from the fire burning the trees fills the sky

Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius were recorded in Britain for the first time, exacerbating the burning crisis, with videos circulating on social media showing flames eating away at trees.

It shows how black smoke rises and hugs the heart of the sky, changing its color as it eats trees in the British city of Ipswich, northeast of the capital London.

Many fire services reported major accidents after the fire spread.

A large fire also destroyed homes in Winnington, east London.

Officials also canceled some train services due to overheating or overheating of railways and failure of overhead cables of trains.

The maximum temperature is 38.7 degrees Celsius

It comes as fires continue to spread across Europe, where a heatwave has worsened drought conditions.

A large swath of eastern England from Surrey to South Yorkshire saw temperatures of 39°C to 40°C.

At least 34 weather stations broke the previous UK temperature record.

According to Met Office figures, Scotland set a new record high of 34.8 degrees Celsius at Charterhall on the Scottish border, beating the previous record of 32.9 degrees Celsius set in 2003.

The year 2019 is notable for Britain’s record high temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius.

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