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Video .. Guinness World Records celebrates its 18th year tomorrow with dazzling numbers

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The Guinness Book of World Records, the official authority to monitor and record records around the world, celebrates its annual 2021 day today (Wednesday). The global company has unveiled new exceptional achievements under the slogan “Super Skills”.

From the Middle East and North Africa, Morocco’s Ayub Tawap’s first two attempts – reverse jumps in a row in 30 seconds – is an international gymnast with a total of 12. Job, 32, with about 23 years of experience in the sport, made his first movements in 1998 and has worked hard in the field of gymnastics-related movement. Ayub calls on the Arab world to have more faith in sports.

Meanwhile, Iranian Alireza Sadeki, a 50-year-old staunch athlete, set the record for the longest distance in basketball with his hand at 15 meters. Ali Reda’s story is considered one of the most inspiring as the crutch athlete has been trying to break this record since 2016. His victory was an exceptional moment, especially recorded by the cameras in the presence of the official referee of the Guinness World Records. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

Each year, Guinness World Record Day tracks a certain number of numbers, and the nature of this year’s 18th edition is dominated by exceptional skills and abilities that require many years of physical training. Guinness World Records has been celebrating this day every year since 2004.

“Ali Reda’s endeavor is a very emotional moment. After many attempts and many years of training, we have seen a very inspiring story of success and determination. The official judge of the Guinness Book of World Records who witnessed the event.

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Among the many numbers recorded this year during this year’s festival are:

China – 1 minute 13.27 seconds The fastest time to pull a 50 meter car by foot

Japan – Running a bicycle in 30 seconds – 45 in total

United Kingdom – longest reverse jump between two horizontal obstacles – 6 meters

United States – Most spins double a foot around a ball in a minute – Total 24