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Video.. Recordings of Issam El-Hadary flirting with a Mexican girl.. and the coach of the national team guards responds

Video.. Recordings of Issam El-Hadary flirting with a Mexican girl.. and the coach of the national team guards responds

The “Al-Arafa” program, broadcast on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, showed WhatsApp recordings of Egypt goalkeeper coach Essam El-Hadary, with a Mexican girl expressing his love for her, saying: “I love you, my love, my baby.”

Urban Love Recordings

Essam El-Hadary, Egypt’s goalkeeper coach, commented: “In my life I am natural and I love all people, and Omar did not need more than this talk, and my wife did not stand with her.”

Urban’s wife’s reaction

The “Al-Arafa” program returned to show recordings of Issam El-Hadary’s wife, Sabreen, threatening the Mexican girl to stay away from her husband, saying: “This is Josie, who you are trying to talk to, and if you don’t, you will not get good.”

Al-Hadari defends himself

Al-Hadari commented: “This is not my wife or her voice. This is one woman named Hoda and her husband’s name is Muhammad, and she responds to the girl because she was speaking to her husband.”

El-Hadary flirts with a Mexican girl

And “Al-Hadari” continued: “I one of her husbands was talking to the Mexican girl and telling her to stay away from my husband, and I also spoke to her and told her I love her because I love all people.” In the same meeting, Egypt goalkeeper coach Essam El-Hadary revealed new scenes about the events of the Senegal match in the capital, Dakar.

Recharge the Senegalese fans

He said, “Before the Senegal match in Dakar, we saw a great case against the Egyptian national team, with its players, technical, administrative and medical staff.”

Assault on guards

He added: “When we were warming up in the stadium, we found glass of water and bricks attacking us, and I was heating the guards. I did not see the ball because the laser was controlling us, the amount of laser was covering the player, and our red shirts turned green.”

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Sieve stand and match observer

He continued, “We spoke with the referee of the match, Mustafa Ghorbal, who told us the whole issue with the observer, and when we went to the observer, he told us the lasers would stop and we should stop cutting bricks and water bottles.” And he continued: “There were thousands of lasers in the Senegal stadium, and if we had spoken to the referee to stop the match, he would have put us under pressure and created a problem, and we told Mustafa Gharbal about the water bottles that I was talking about, and there is no need.”

The reason for the failure of Mohamed Salah

He pointed out: “When Al-Shennawi blocked the penalty kick, the laser was not focused on him intensely, but Mohamed Salah, while he was in the penalty area, all the laser was striking in his face, and this affected his shooting of the ball, and I was passing through the guards that affected me.”

Insults and insults from Senegalese fans

He pointed out: “The internal radio of the Senegal stadium was charging the fans, and we did not expect that this atmosphere in the stadium and we were exposed to words and insults from the first time we entered the airport.”
He explained: “In order to reach the stadium from the hotel, it took us two hours, and this is not the case, and we reached the stadium an hour before the match, and this is a strange need. Close to the stadium by about 10 minutes, and because of the Senegal team, they refused.”

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Mohamed Salah’s request

And he confirmed: “Mohamed Salah asked to take the first penalty kick against Senegal.”Read also