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Video showing the greed of a black hole devouring stars

Video showing the greed of a black hole devouring stars

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Astronomers have created a model that shows what happens to stars when they fall into black holes, as the study showed that a number of side factors affect their condition.

The form is available Developed at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in GarchingAnalysis of the possible collision of eight stellar bodies with a black hole, the mass of which is one million times the mass of the Sun, and the other fate of the stars directly depends on their mass and density.

And NASA published a video on its official YouTube website showing a computer simulation of black holes as they destroy stars.

The study concluded that when a star approaches a black hole, it expands and deforms due to the hole’s strong gravity, as the smallest stars were completely destroyed, and turned into streams of gaseous matter, where this phenomenon is called “tidal destruction.”

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While the more massive and denser stars only partially collapsed, retaining a small part of their mass, some were even later able to completely return to their original state.

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The massive collision between a black hole and a star creates powerful tidal destruction across the universe, embodied by gravitational waves that can be detected by instruments. Using such simulations, scientists at the Max Planck Institute are able to recreate the course of cosmic disasters more accurately.