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Video .. "SpaceX" launches the first space flight with a fully civilian crew on board

Video .. “SpaceX” launches the first space flight with a fully civilian crew on board

The SpaceX company announced, late Wednesday, that it launched the first flight into space with a fully civilian crew on board, and it is the first attempt to orbit the Earth without a professional crew of astronauts, according to “Al-Sharq Bloomberg.” .

With this flight, SpaceX enters history with the launch of the first space flight, with a full crew of civilian citizens.

The trip will be attended by 3 of the less wealthy citizens on a SpaceX ship, in the hope that it will become the first flight to reach orbit around the Earth with an entire crew of civilians..

The group, which consists of 4 space travel enthusiasts, led by American Jared Isaacman, founder and CEO of the e-commerce company “Shift for Bits”, will launch at eight o’clock Wednesday evening, Florida time, from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida..

“Everything looks fine,” SpaceX’s senior director of manned spaceflight Benji Reed told reporters in Cape Canaveral, a day after the final test to run the rocket’s engines at rest Monday morning..

“Weather forecasts are appropriate at the moment,” Reid added, for the launch on schedule.

The flight, which does not involve professional astronauts with the paying customers of SpaceX, is expected to last about three days from takeoff to the moment of return in the Atlantic Ocean..

The flight will take place aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, which is bright white.

The 38-year-old benefactor of the flight made an undisclosed but presumably large sum for Elon Musk, his billionaire buddy and SpaceXK owner making the trip with his three crewmates. In the amount of 200 million dollars.

Isaacman sees the mission called “Inspiration 4” from the perspective of raising awareness and increasing support for one of his most important causes, St. Judy Children’s Research Hospital, a leading pediatric cancer center in Memphis, Tennessee..

This is the first space tourism trip for Elon Musk and represents a leap ahead of competitors who also offer cruises on missile-laden ships to wealthy customers willing to pay small amounts for the enjoyment and bragging of doing space trips..

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