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Video .. The adventure of two young men who save sixty from drowning in Saudi Arabia

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Two brothers risked their lives to save a Stenny and his sheep from drowning, in the torrents of the Rakh Center in Al-Aqiq Governorate in Saudi Arabia, after his vehicle broke down and the torrential flow increased at the site, which led the two brothers to go to him as soon as possible to save him and they were able to do so.

The two young men confirmed via social media that “while they were passing near the man, they saw torrents surrounding a vehicle, and immediately the tanker he was driving was brought and the torrent was breached to save the driver of the vehicle, who is in his sixties, with his sheep in the back of the vehicle, according to Al Arabiya Net.

During the video, which was documented by the pioneers of social media, one of them got off the tanker onto the roof of his sixty-year-old car, then began to help him move to the truck, and kept holding him until he was taken out to safety, then returned to his vehicle after the torrent had decreased a little and took it out, including the sheep.

Social media activists continued to offer thanks and prayers for the two young men, Nayef Ayed Al-Ghamdi (23 years old) and Tariq Ayed Al-Ghamdi (21 years old), who are both residents of Al-Aqiq Governorate.


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