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Video.. the collapse of part of Beirut's silos and more expectations

Video.. the collapse of part of Beirut’s silos and more expectations

Snapshots showed moments Collapse The northern part of the silos before a huge mass of dust covered the place after the collapse.

A reporter reported,Sky News ArabiaIn Beirut, the dust resulting from the explosion did not spread over distant areas, but was confined to the silos, while the fires are still burning inside, as columns of smoke rise from there.

This collapse came after a fire broke out in silos 3 weeks ago and the authorities have been unable to extinguish it so far.

Our correspondent stated that official reports expect the imminent collapse of two other silos on the northern side of the port.

The Lebanese army sent two helicopters to spray water on the silos after the partial collapse, to prevent the spread of dust that could contain remnants of toxic materials caused by the explosion of the nitrate shipment two years ago.

The port silos were witness to the devastating explosion that occurred in August 2020, which killed about 200 people and injured more than 6,000 people.

Despite the great damage caused by the explosion caused by the presence of huge amounts of ammonium nitrate, the silos remained steadfast and protected the western region of Beirut from major damage that was almost inflicted on them.

In recent days, the silos began to tilt, especially on the northern side, amid expectations that parts of them would collapse within an imminent time, which is what happened today.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the southern silos are still standing, without any movement threatening their safety.

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Some silos contain about three thousand tons of wheat and grain, which could not be unloaded due to the danger of working near them, fearing that this would accelerate “the movement of the structure of the silos that was already cracked and the collapse of large parts of them,” according to the authorities.

The Ministries of Environment and Public Health issued preventive directives at the beginning of the week regarding the emission of dust consisting of construction waste and some fungi from rotting grains in the event of the fall of the northern silos.

The instructions included the necessity of evacuating the harbor Immediately put high-effective masks, close doors and windows in the area around the port for 24 hours, and wear masks outside.

In April, the government took a decision to demolish the dumps for fear of public safety, but suspended its implementation after objections from civil groups and the committee of families of the victims of the port explosion, which demanded the transfer of the dumpings to a landmark witnessing the explosion.

The explosion resulted, according to the authorities, from storing large quantities of ammonium nitrate inside the port without preventive measures, following the outbreak of a fire whose causes were unknown. It later emerged that officials at several levels were aware of the dangers of storing the material and did nothing.

The judicial investigations, which have been suspended for months, have not made any progress, in light of political interference and lawsuits against the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, which have been filed successively by a number of defendants, including current MPs and former ministers.

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