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Video.. The largest fish tank in the world exploded, causing injuries

Video.. The largest fish tank in the world exploded, causing injuries

The website of “AKoa DomeThis aquarium is called the “world’s largest cylindrical aquarium”.

The glass walls of the aquarium shattered for reasons still unknown at 5:50 local time (4:50 GMT), according to police and rescuers.

In addition to the damage caused by the water leakage, the explosion injured two people who were injured by shrapnel and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

And it was Cylindrical fish tank The figure, which is located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel, contains more than a million liters of water with about 1,500 tropical fish.

A spokesman for the rescue teams said, “The water and fish flowed into the ground floor,” while the hotel was evacuated.

About 100 relief workers came to the scene urgently. Police used dogs to search for people who might be under the rubble.

A spokesman for the relief personnel confirmed that the explosion was not caused by a simple crack in the fish tank, but rather what happened was an “explosion of the tank.”

Pictures and videos circulated on social media showed the badly damaged fish tank and large shards of glass scattered in the place, while water was still leaking from the tank.

“We heard a crackling that woke us up,” Christian, one of the witnesses, was quoted by the widely circulated German newspaper “Bild”.

He added, “My wife told me that something flew in front of the window. I went to see what happened, and it turned out that the basin, which was intact last night (…) had exploded.”

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The aquarium of the “Sea Life” chain was equipped with a glass elevator, allowing visitors to see the fish in it.

The newspaper “Bild” indicated that the explosion was caused by wear and tear in parts of the basin, pointing out that the “Aqua Dome” was reopened to visitors last summer after restoration and renovation works that cost 2.5 million euros.