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Video: We tried perpetual living on bikes.  The equipment is overflowing, its flat beak is enough

Video: We tried perpetual living on bikes. The equipment is overflowing, its flat beak is enough

The nice weather is finally here and it comes along with the season of living on bikes. We had the opportunity to try one of these methods and today we are going to introduce it to you.

Do you like lodgings that you can take with you on adventure trips, but for some reason you don’t want a full-fledged apartment house or a huge trailer? a company Lifestyle cart It has many solutions for you in similar small caravans you hardly know about behind the car. It’s really compact, so you don’t have to get used to it for a long time or carefully read every tag telling us the maximum height possible.

The company gave us a tester for testing X-Line Caravan, that is, its most adventurous design, which does not frighten even an unpaved road. In addition to custom tires, the manufacturer boasts a unique suspension system from KNOTT. The caravan weighs only 550 kg, the hull is 40 cm high and the housing is said to be able to tilt up to 40 degrees. However, this is just the beginning of the capabilities of this device. But you can learn more in the attached video above.

If you are interested in the Life Style Camper, check it out Take a look at their website. There you will find all available caravans, with prices starting from 340,000 CZK. If you are afraid that you will not take full advantage of the caravan, do not despair. You can only borrow it from the company for a thousand kroner per day. Given what he can do, he comes to us as an interesting proposition!

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Did you know this…

  • You only need to have a Group B driving license to drive a compact convoy
  • The apartment has a special varnish that is resistant to weathering and chemical influences. The company offers a ten-year warranty
  • The caravan is 370 cm long, 182 cm wide and 195 cm high
  • Allows installation of ceiling shelves with a load capacity of up to 200 kg
  • Standard equipment can be expanded with more and more items