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Video|  Zizi Adel announces her retirement from singing: "I stay away from art to get closer to God."

Video| Zizi Adel announces her retirement from singing: “I stay away from art to get closer to God.”

Cairo – «Gulf»

The Egyptian artist, Zizi Adel, surprised her followers with a video clip on the social networking site, in which she announced her retirement from singing for good, citing the reason that she wanted to “get closer to her Lord”.

Zizi Adel began her speech by saying: “Today, I am looking forward to tell you an important news that I took in my life, which is my decision to retire.” I talk to myself and to people close by. The people close to me know themselves, and when I told them about the decision, they encouraged me and supported me too, and this decision to retire can keep me away from the most tempting temptations of life, which is fame and lights.”

She explained: “I am far from art because I am close to our Lord, and the last period was very close to our Lord, and I found that the Qur’an says that I must be committed, and I try as much as I can to be committed and you will be a little surprised that I am looking at my hair and not veiled, and maybe this.” Because I still, our Lord, did not bless me with the veil, and I pray that our Lord will complete it for me, and every need comes step by step, and there is nothing that comes at once.”

Zizi Adel said: “I also want to say that art is the source of my income and livelihood, and I need something to live from and live with, and I know that our Lord will grant me, and I am very satisfied with my decision and very happy with it and the love of those who are very coming and my sense that my life is completely different.”

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And she concluded by saying: “I would like to die and God is satisfied with me, and this is a need that we all wish for. I do not know when my nation will die, but all I want is that I am ready to meet and meet our Lord and I am satisfied with myself, my life and my actions. Praise be to God, our Lord honored me and I adhered, and our Lord honors and adheres to More, and pray that our Lord proves me to what I am in.”