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سيليمو تاباني.  من المصدر

Visitors to “Expo 2020” are on a date with the most beautiful musical evenings

Expo 2020 Dubai has invited its visitors, music lovers, to attend the fourth and last October evening, which offers them a selection of musical instruments designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes, starting with “hip-hop” music and electronic sound effects for Canadian DJ “ScratchD”. J), and even traditional mange music from the Kingdom of Lesotho, and Egyptian songs that stimulate social awareness by the Egyptian band Kahareb, which will be shown outdoors over two nights, hosting artists from all over the world this weekend (yesterday). today). Yesterday, the atmosphere resounded with a mixture of traditional music presented by the “Jay and Fu” team, a music group based in Dubai consisting of six musicians, each of them playing a different musical instrument, who were able to combine the stories told to the melodies of the love music “Neo”. Swing” and between the rhythms of reggae, ska and gypsy music.

Yesterday, fans of Egyptian songs aimed at stimulating social awareness had a date with the Egyptian artist and songwriter “Abu”, whose songs are inspired by his father, the Sufi poet, and he was famous for raising social issues through his music, and “Abu” discovered the impact of words on people, for the first time. At the age of nine, and at the age of thirteen, he added to his unique talent for singing, playing the piano, guitar and writing songs, as his famous song “3 Daqat”, which was released in 2017, garnered up to 500 million views on YouTube. .

The audience continued to enjoy this kind of songs, which are admired by many, by attending the musical performance of the “Kahareb” team, whose wonderful songs captured the hearts of viewers, for the first time, when the distinctive music video was released “Go down the thief” and it was the band’s first single that spread like wildfire. Through Egyptian accounts on social media platforms.

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Singer-songwriter Silemo Tabani, who was born and raised in the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, presented the audience with an astonishing show with his hoarse, melodious voice on the melodies of the Serenad, with a unique blend of mangi, the traditional music of Lesotho, and jazz.

Today, he will witness the presence of the Canadian DJ Starting from Scratch to prove his musical competence by presenting his special musical performances with stunning sound effects, through which he can impress the crowd. It is worth noting that the Canadian DJ has collaborated with international artists such as Usher, Kanye West, New Kids on the Block and John Legend, and sang on board a ship during his tour with famous comedian Russell Peters.

From Canada also comes the rapper, producer, DJ and executive director of records, Cardinal Ovishal, who has put his country’s name on the music map for a quarter of a century, and of course we can expect his distinctive musical imprint in “reggae” and “dancehall” music influenced by music.” Hip-hop, and perhaps this was evident in his most famous show of his song, which was very popular and was popular with his fans and fans, “Dangers”. Visitors will also be on a date with the famous “DJ” residing in Dubai, Sonya, who appeared in several lists of the best DJs, to represent the region with “Hip-Hop”, “R&B”, “Soul” and “Funk” songs. , “pop”, and “dancehall”.

Tonight, the American producer, actor and radio and television DJ, Pape Drew, winner of the Grammy Award, is scheduled to greet an appropriate collection of his works. The Expo concerts were held at the Dubai Millennium Theater yesterday, while today they are held on the Jubilee Platform, from 10:30 until 01:00 after midnight. The popular event will then return with a special line-up for the following Diwali weekend on 4-5 November.

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