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Vivo A journey of loyalty to a friend and a musical adventure | Opinion

If you are a fan of the movie coco and love to listen to its songs, you have a chance to live a new adventure with the movie Vivo.

Netflix released ViVo on August 6, and its story revolves around the unique “kinkaj” animal known in the rainforest as the “honey bear.”

The film is a musical adventure that you live with. From the beginning, you listen to wonderful music that introduces you to a beautiful summer atmosphere. In Cuba, where the events begin, we get to know the duo “Vivo” and “Andrés” and their singing in the squares.

An old man and a strange animal live together and share everything, their lives change due to a letter coming to “Andrés” that makes him decide to travel to meet his beloved Marta, who has become a big star. another type.

Generations continue, so “Vivo” is forced by circumstances to leave his old friend to meet a girl who does not look like him and does not resemble the life he was living, but he is forced to stay with her in loyalty to his old friend, his life changes and turns upside down and he lives an adventure with this naughty girl who loves different music than what Vivo offers .

The most important thing that distinguishes the film is the speed of events, you will not stand long with a sad event, or even a difficult situation for the heroes, everything passes quickly, feelings of sadness or anxiety will not last long, in the movie “Vivo” life beats with music and its lovers.

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What also distinguished the film was the attention to detail, the old man’s details of his face and the way he dressed, the atmosphere of “Havana”, the capital of Cuba, from the heat and bright sun, and a simple neighborhood in which “Vivo” and his friend lived, then moving to another neighborhood where the young girl who had a different life lived, then the singer. The famous Marta and how her look and body has changed over the years, even her eye wrinkles, the accuracy of her drawing and her weight gain are all perfect things.

As for the music and songs, they were all special. You will finish the movie while you repeat it. The distribution is also used every time, and it always fits the situation you live in with the scene.

The end of the film was beautiful, mixing between sadness, nostalgia and longing for those we lost, and joy in fulfilling their last wishes. The film gives you hope that there is always an opportunity, not giving up or despair, and that loyalty to those we love is one of the highest and most important qualities.

The movie “Vivo” is a musical adventure that carries with it many feelings and the meanings of sincere love.