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Vladimir Mlynach played Milos Zeman on the radio: Editor sir, that’s the stupidest thing that comes to mind.

A guest on the Twenty Minutes of the Czech Radio Radio Journal was Vladimir Minay, PPF’s director of public sector relations. How will PPF change after the untimely death of its founder and main owner Peter Kilner? Who and in which direction will PPF lead in the coming years? What was Peter Kilner like?

Vladimir Mlynach played Milos Zeman on the radio: Editor sir, that's the stupidest thing that comes to mind.
picture: Screen ČT24
explained: BPF Peter Kellner Director of Communications for Investment Group Vladimir Miliana

Eleven days have passed since the crash of an Alaska helicopter with Peter Kilner on board. “The investigation of air disasters is very long, usually a year, sometimes two years. We have no new news and no exciting news at all. It will be up to the investigators to evaluate it. From the way we spoke to David Horvath, I can only say that there is no Something indicating a technical malfunction. Menai said this was actually an interaction between some unfortunate accidents and the weather and landing conditions.

Peter Kilner’s funeral will take place in a close family circle. “Now the remains of Mister Kilner are in the process of being returned, but it is true that the funeral will only be in the circle of very close family and friends,” said Minai.

Petr Kellner owns approximately 99 percent of PPF’s shares. Has he prepared a scenario in the event of his death? Did he write a will, do I prepare trust funds? “Peter Kilner was 56 years old, I was 55 years old, so I can attest that someone of this age really understands that things are finite, and of course PPF is a great company, we do business in 25 countries, we manage billions of assets and there is a system. Peter Kilner is in management, in those developmental matters, with a vision, but on the other hand, of course, all companies in the group have their own management, and qualified management. They are operating normally, and they are working, so we do not assume that the work of PPF Group would be at risk in any way. Way, “adding that he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the family – and that he also had no information about that. Non-family inherits it.

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“We at PPF work in a way so that the group continues to operate, and it will be shown who will be the owner or who will hold Peter Kilner’s share in the inheritance process, which will be done in the standard way,” he added. . He added, “We are in contact with the family. PPF is a big family business in this regard. We all know each other very well. We are friends, so of course we also know the family members and we are in contact with them.” .

After Kellner’s death, Ladislav Bartoníek, a minority shareholder, was entrusted with managing the group. Will there be any other personnel changes? “I understand the curiosity of the public, but these are things that will come in at the right time. We have thirty years since the creation of the PPF in September, so it will be a good opportunity to provide insight. No changes to the personnel were made at this time. Management was taken over by Láďa Bartoníek, who was Always the executive hand of Petr Kellner, in fact he’s had the day-to-day management of the group on his shoulders anyway and we’re not expecting any personnel changes at this time, “he added.

The partner of the daughter of Anna Peter Kilner is businessman Daniel Ketínský. Will Křetínsk join the PPF group at stake? “You have to be humble in the future. I don’t know what awaits you. This explanation, if you play a little, where President Zeman turns away from journalists, is the first stupidest thing that comes to mind. I don’t think life is that simple. Plus, Dan bears it. Kitinski himself has a huge responsibility towards a large investment group that he owns and manages, so this is really a complete speculation and I can’t comment on that anymore, ”Minnae smiled.

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According to him, the PPF is operational as before. “It means relative predation or assertiveness. If Peter Kellner’s heirs want something else, we can adapt to it,” PPF Mynář also called for being patient about other issues for the future.

What about the influence of Kilner on Czech politics? “I think Peter Kilner has had an impact by getting the title of Richest Czech. Of course, if you manage such huge assets, you have some influence. Then it has the effect of not performing in public and protecting his privacy a lot. That’s why he was protecting his family and not wanting to. “Be a celebrity. There is no compromise – whether it is you or not. But his influence on politics is demonic, meaningless, and superfluous.”

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