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Vltava Labe Media Website Unavailable, Facing Massive DDoS Attack

  • 11:55 – We added a tip from the publisher

Since Wednesday, a number of Vltava Labe Média (VLM) websites, such as Denik.czAnd the or

According to the information published by the publisher on social networks, this is caused by a powerful DDoS attack on the company’s servers.

“Dear users, dení and a number of other Vltava Labe Media sites are under a strong DDoS attack from sources all over the world. We are still working on the fairness. Sorry for the inconvenience,” it has been in place since Wednesday evening On the Facebook diary page.

A similar ad is shown on the website:

Author: screenshot,

According to a spokesman for the publishing house Anita Kodelkova VLM sites are the target Cyber ​​attacks since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine. “Right now, this is a DDoS attack, which is very critical and targets the entire VLM infrastructure, not just news sites,” she emphasized.

“This unprecedented attack affected the entire VLM cluster, so resolving the situation is very complex. However, in cooperation with our connectivity provider, we are working to permanently address and resolve the issue,” adds the VLM CEO. Vit Nantel.

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