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Vodafone expands 10 GB prepaid card.  you have to sleep

Vodafone expands 10 GB prepaid card. you have to sleep

He started with mobile data and also used it on a special offer for prepaid customers. The final fourth offer, revealed by Vodafone on Monday, December 19th, is 10GB of data per month plus. The time limit is limited: Advent data can only be obtained until the first winter holiday, that is, until Sunday, December 25th.

In addition, only customers who have one of the data packages with activated auto-renew on their prepaid card are eligible for bonus data. That is 2.5 GB of data and unlimited SMS in the Internet, 6 GB of data and unlimited SMS in the Internet, 1.5 GB of data and unlimited free Internet, complete online or Komplete vude. As for the 10 GB card, there are also new subscribers, but they have to come to terms with the fact that the offer will become available to them a couple of days after activating the card.

Offers cannot be used by customers who have an active data package of 10GB. If the customer data package is deactivated (for example due to the impossibility of automatic renewal due to lack of credit), in such a situation the bonus data claim will be lost and cannot be reactivated.

In addition to displaying tariff orders in the form Supported tools This year, Vodafone also had limited offers exclusively for subscribers, which it revealed gradually. The first minor appropriate data packageit was second hand supply two prepaid cards, Aunt Extra credit And finally, current arrival data in addition.

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T-Mobile’s competitor in Russia Arts campaign Offer unlimited data per week and unlimited free time on property. The condition is not to charge more than 300 kronor. O2 took the show a little differently. Customers can receive a discount voucher worth 1,000 kronor for products from the operator’s offer for each service they use in the operator.