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Vodafone has the cheapest unlimited data for CZK 599.  The only limit is speed -

Vodafone has the cheapest unlimited data for CZK 599. The only limit is speed –

Vodafone introduced the offer of unlimited data transfer tariffs for the first time exactly two years ago. Initially, it required unlimited mobile data activation using other services and preferred two or more users, and within a few months Add unlimited and unconditional data tariff for individuals. After that, the show was kept for a year and a half and nothing fundamental has changed in it – surprisingly even with the advent of 5G networks.

It’s time to adjust prices and parameters now. In the new concept, the original Red tariff, which included only an unlimited voice part of the services, including SMS, ends. Staré Redy will be converted to Unlimited Basic, Super and Premium 5G tariffs. They all have unlimited free minutes and SMS, no limits, fair data usage policy, the only limitation is the transmission speed, which uses the full capacity of the network only with Premium 5G, the medium is Super limited to 10 Mbit / s and Basic is limited to only 2 Mbit / s.

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Thus, the offer is greatly simplified and unnecessary “blocking” practices are eliminated, such as activating the guaranteed half-size of the fair use policy in the mobile application, which we criticized in the Red tariff immediately after its introduction. The offer of the two higher tariffs should always be, only for the basic unlimited tariff (2 Mbit / s) for 599 CZK per month, the operator states that this is a “limited summer offer”, which the first 5,000 interested parties can activate exclusively on the Vodafone website as of From June 4, 2021. After activation, the tariff will be used forever.

Whether the Unlimited Basic tariff will change back to the classic Red Basic with 4GB FUP after using a pool of 5,000 customers, we don’t know at the moment, but on the web, this last Red is still on display, so it’s likely. For customers who do not need an unlimited number of units, there are still two standard startup tariffs on the website: 130 free minutes + 1 GB for CZK 299 per month and 250 minutes + 1 GB for CZK 399 per month.

Corporate Show

The new offer doesn’t forget corporate customers either. In addition to the company’s Unlimited Business Super and Unlimited Business Premium 5G tariffs, customers will also get CyberWall protection (the app protects the phone, as well as the tablet or computer from viruses, attacks and inappropriate Wi-Fi). These tariffs also include 300 minutes of external calls, which can be used in the European Union and the business area – including, for example, the USA, Switzerland or Russia. Self-employed people and small businesses can access the special unlimited basic rate.