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Vojenské lesy launched an online store with beef and organic meat from Šumava. It is now being offered in Prague as well

author: John Satan

The Military Forests and Estates of the Czech Republic (VLS) has launched an online store offering game and organic beef from Šumava. The offer is intended for both household and wholesale customers, especially restaurants and catering companies. In addition to two delivery points in Cesky Krumlov, customers can also deliver products to Prague, where deliveries now take place at the state-owned company’s headquarters in Dijvice.

The online store of the state-owned enterprise, which operates in six locations in Bohemia and Moravia with strategic importance for the defense of the state, offers the game exclusively from the Šumava military forests of the Boletice Military District and its surroundings. Deer, roe deer and black game (wild boar) are available here. The offered organic beef products are also supplied by VLS farms in Šumava, which are grown exclusively according to organic farming standards.

“The entire range of products has one common denominator, which is the origin in unique and exceptionally clean natural sites. Hunting and pasture areas of the State Foundation are mainly part of the natural areas of the Šumava Protected Landscape Area and the European Significant Area of ​​the Boletice Bird Area (Natura 2000 Animals and livestock live in an environment protected from intense urban influence, in places that have been avoided for decades by intensive farming using soil chemicals.Michael Farnoush, Division Director of Šumava VLS, explains these products with the highest quality standards.

The offer of the online store from the VLS processing plant in Chvalšiny, Shumava includes steaks and other beef, beef, venison, venison and venison, as well as venison and beef processed into goulash. Here, a customer can buy beef rump, for example, at 239 crowns, and the offer of cured venison starts at 160 crowns, venison at 240 crowns and wild boar at 140 crowns.

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“As a state-owned enterprise, we guarantee our customers the origin of the products offered, as well as hygienic inspection by an authorized person and the highest standards of processing. We started the strategy of trying to reach the general public with our range of affordable products three years ago, when we launched retail sales in Seventeen of our game factories are in Bohemia and Moravia. However, they offer venison in fur, or in some cases pulled and quartered. Simona Kutláková, director of the VLS center in Olszine, explains that offering meat from Chvalšiny is the next step we would like Through it in addressing customers interested in specific organic venison and beef products, according to which the factory is located in Chvalšiny.

Recently, the customer can also choose from three delivery points from which he can deliver the meat after ordering. In addition to the infirmary of the processing plant in Chvalšiny in Łeský Krumlov, it is the reception of the resort of Olšina in Lipno as well as the new infirmary on the premises of Vojenské les and estates at 5 Pod Juliskou street in Dejvice, Prague.

Interested parties can find the VLS online store at the Internet address In addition to the public, wholesale customers will also find a special offer here. “Today, we deliver meat to restaurants, canteens and school canteens, but also for one-off events or celebrations. We can also provide customers with requirements for regular delivery of large quantities of meat, ”adds Simona Kutláková.

She also added that the online store offer should also be expanded in the future to include fresh fish produced by Rybářství VLS in Chvalšiny, which offers carp, grass carp, pike, zander, perch, catfish, walleye from the iconic Olšina waterworks and other Šumava ponds. in military forests, as well as fresh trout, which VLS fishermen produce here using traditional casting methods.

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