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Volkswagen has opened a fast charger made up of old electric car batteries

Volkswagen has opened a fast charger made up of old electric car batteries

Building a network dense enough to charge electric cars very quickly, that is, chargers with a power of at least 150 kW, according to many opinions, is a key to the development of electric mobility. But building such chargers is difficult and expensive, not least because it usually requires modification of the electrical connection.

One way to avoid this need could be the newly opened supercharger at the Volkswagen plant in Chvikow, Germany. It is basically a giant power bank with a capacity of 570 kWh.

96 battery modules of the pre-production VW ID.3 and ID.4 modules are hidden in the device, which Volkswagen calls the PSC, i.e. “Energy Storage Container”. They charge slowly from the grid, and when an electric car comes to them, they can discharge themselves and thus charge the electric car faster.

Specifically, there are four charging stations with a maximum output of 150 kW, but each with two connections, the maximum output of which is divided between them. Here, eight electric cars with a power of up to 75 kW can be charged at the same time. In addition to the power bank network, it also feeds the photovoltaic panels.

The net capacity of 570 kWh means that a fully charged PSC should be able to charge seven fully discharged IDs or a 77 kWh battery, even if they are close together, and still have some power left. These cars can charge up to 125 kW and ideally take 38 minutes to charge from 5 to 80%.

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