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Volkswagen has other problems due to emissions, the so-called temperature window is solved

Volkswagen has other problems due to emissions, the so-called temperature window is solved

A Supreme Court adviser called the software used by the automaker illegal and unjustified, when its job is to protect the engine.

Volkswagen and emissions – a link many of us have with the Diesel Jet affair since 2015, which has cost the group huge financial resources, damaged its reputation while accelerating its transition to zero-emissions electric mobility. At the same time, we may have all considered the case of the closure of the program that affects the emissions of cars from the Volkswagen Group, but it may not be over yet.

Although the German concern has long since discontinued its original practices and today is trying to be greener than many of us might like, new doubts still emerge from time to time. One of them was due to come as an adviser to the EU’s Supreme Court, who called the so-called “temperature window” program illegal.

What is it all about? The issue was brought to the attention of Austrian customers and concerns the software that controls the valve function that controls the exhaust gas recirculation of the engine. Under certain conditions, when the outside temperature is between 15 and 33 ° C and the altitude is 1000 m, the program closes the valve. This reduces recirculation and the vehicle emits more NOx. However, Austrian consumers claim that this is a prohibited handling device for which they must be compensated.

However, according to the Volkswagen Group, the main task of the program is to prevent the possibility of sudden and immediate damage to the engine, according to Automotive News Europe, which noted the case.

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However, in his legal opinion, Athanasios Rantos, chief prosecutor at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), noted that the court ruled last December that the emissions management program was illegal even when it helped prevent aging or engine blockages, as the auto news is being released. Europe.

Additionally, Rantus adds that the “temperature window” does not represent actual driving conditions in neighboring Austria and Germany, where the average temperature was well below 15 degrees Celsius. In addition, vehicles often have to travel at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. In his opinion, the software is manipulative and its role in protecting engine components is said to be no excuse.

If the attorney general’s finding is upheld by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), it would be another blow to VW. Although the group is not currently under investigation, CJEU is not even obligated to follow the opinion of its advisors or the attorney general, but it usually does. In other words – the combination is not yet under investigation, but this could easily and quickly change in the future.