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Volkswagen Multivan T7 delivery test

Volkswagen Multivan T7 delivery test

It started as a box on the chassis of a Volkswagen Beetle with an air-cooled engine in the rear, which greatly limited cargo space. However, it has gained great popularity. When the Multivan variant appeared in the fourth generation (the first with the engine in the front), another icon was born. She turned a purely commercial truck into a practical and adaptable car, in which it was possible to transport goods and people, and it was possible to sleep in it, but also to organize a business meeting.

If you are looking for today’s generation Multivan T4 with a five-cylinder diesel engine without wear, then you will not find it less than 200,000 in good condition. And we’re talking about a car that’s over 20 years old.

So the new Multivan clearly has something to build upon. However, Volkswagen decided to make a drastic change this time. The basis of utility has been left to practical supply to those who are more commercially oriented T6.1 . generation conveyor The new Multivan based on the MQB platform. Yes, the same one that Octavia, Superb, Golf and the other characters rode on. This means two things: First, the MQB platform is truly modular and adaptable. Second and foremost, this means that the new Multivan performs much better than ever before. It’s no longer a pickup truck, it’s a giant MPV.

And diversity in the back? As always in first place, watch the video …