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Volkswagen unveils new Amarok Pickup, starting with Matrix LED headlights

Volkswagen unveils new Amarok Pickup, starting with Matrix LED headlights

The Volkswagen Amarok, the brother of the Ford Ranger, begins to reveal itself a month and a half before the scheduled premiere date – July 7. The top-equipment automaker promises LED Matrix headlights, which it calls IQ.Light, and offers them a short video.

But the most important thing about the video isn’t the lights or the fact that the Amarok will feature the matrices. These are gradually getting into an increasing number of cars and For example, they have modern poloAlbeit in a very simple form. The closing of the video is significant, when we see the silhouette of the prepared Amarok and some of the features of the hood and front visor.

The second generation Volkswagen Amarok pickup will come in collaboration with Ford – the car will share a platform and a set of components with the recently introduced Ranger. The differences from the Ranger will be enormous, as automakers often fail to stress – some engines will even be different.

Amarok LED headlights are already standard, but the optional arrays should be twice as powerful. Under the casing should be petrol, diesel four- and six-cylinder and all-wheel drive either permanent or customizable depending on the version. Ford will purchase production at its plant in Pretoria, South Africa.

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