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Volvo works on revolutionary technology.  Can replace the transparent screen

Volvo works on revolutionary technology. Can replace the transparent screen

In today’s cars, the so-called transparent screen is projected onto the sliding glass or directly on the windshield, always from the display on the dashboard. However, Volvo plans to use only the glass in the windshield to display information in the driver’s field of view.

By investing in the Spectralis project, Volvo aims to have access as soon as possible to this revolutionary technology, which it intends to continue to use if it can be optimally achieved. It is a new type of multi-layer thin film compactor that uses a thin optical film on a transparent surface.

Thanks to this, the assembler can overlay selected images directly on the glass, for example in cars. So it can be used, for example, as an improved version of the so-called transparent display, which can be viewed from side to side. This will then open the door to better use of virtual reality.

“Spectralis is an exciting company with technology that is a real and great promise for us. By supporting their development, we can transform their product potential into future Volvo cars,” said Volvo Cars Product Manager Henryk Green. The Swedes intend to use the system in the cabin or display a blind spot.

Spectralis is an Israeli company that deals primarily with aviation systems. Volvo participated through the MobilityXLab programme, which takes place every year in Gothenburg, Sweden and brings together promising start-ups. Volvo has been the lead partner for this event since 2017.