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Vydrn, mistress and an unexpected slap to Ddu: a wolf of two women broke out all over Slovakia

Vydrn, mistress and an unexpected slap to Ddu: a wolf of two women broke out all over Slovakia

when Lucy Gelimov She announced that Felix Slovic was not well known, and described Dagmar Patrasova as one of the reasons for their separation. Here she was accused of slander, intrigue and en l.

In addition, since 2015, Dagmar Patrasov has been interfering with me privately, by sending short, succinct and vulgar at first messages, which are often clearly not bad. I don’t want to go on a long life in such a toxic environment. With a desire for family life and life in the other native lands and with Felix, after seven years of living together in a common house, we asked each other more. It was my decision that resulted from Felix’s approach. J and his closest relatives know that Felix will return to his present, kind of wife she will definitely not go to, because Dagmar Patrasov still refuses to refuse him,Gelimov Books.

The popular actress did not work again. The expression stated that despite Guillem’s claim to have separated from Slovakia, it should have been reversed. Additionally, she suggested that she endure it with her ex-lady today.

The day he wanted to separate and I blackmailed him, but I don’t want to participate, she is unpredictable and can kill my family and I don’t want that,For this, in her opinion, this is a reason, because Slovek traveled to Armenia.

He wanted to get out of here, the pressure from the other side must have been stressing him. I think he broke up and waited and found someone. But no one will hold that stick, Dda added, wondering if it was true that he would pass it on to his son Felix. Ash is like her son.

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There was no thought to go to Felix, she made it up. Today I did it for the first time. Come home here, because at home, we are friends, sometimes we are not friends. We have children together, dreams, possessions, and when it’s better, it will come to me,Patrasov added, who had hoped that the Slovaks would march in their direction after returning from Armenia.

The opposite was true. As we told her in Bird’s Eye, the Slovak has flown straight to the love nest he has created with Luci Gelem in recent years. And do not celebrate the birthday of Saint Sunday.

I want to confirm that what Lucy wrote in her letter is true. I’d like to end the whole thing,K Slovik in her birthday video, made by Gelmov.

We got a date and celebrated our birthday with a friend,Felix Lucy added.